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RIZOMA - Ergonomics meets style for Modern Vespa

RIZOMA - thoughts become shapes. The accessories manufacturer from Ferno, near Milan, Italy, takes the Vespa GTS to a whole new level with its high-end parts. High-quality materials and unique design are the trademarks and the unique selling point of RIZOMA.

  • Designed & Made in Italy

  • CNC milled aluminium

  • Special look for Modern Vespa

  • In-house production, research & development

RIZOMA - Outside the Box

Fabrizio Rigolio

"A product is created in a company, a brand is created in the mind", says Fabrizio Rigolio, the creative mastermind behind RIZOMA. Together with his brother Fabio, he launched RIZOMA in 2001 in northern Italy. Their first project was a rear-view mirror for motorbikes that won design awards right from the start. The starting signal for a successful company.

Fabrizio Rigolio also draws his inspiration from the biographies of other successful designers: Coco Chanel, Steve Jobs or Phil Knight (Nike). He loves chaos because it is the only way to come up with new ideas and innovations. His playground is the company's own "Area 13", a think tank for research and development. This is where designers and engineers meet and give free rein to their visions, always in search of a product "outside the box".

RIZOMA - Re-design of an Italian icon

Fabrizio Rigolio and RIZOMA made a name for themselves with accessories for motorbikes. They gave the machines of Triumph, Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki, Honda, Aprilia or Moto Guzzi - to name but a few - a completely new look. RIZOMA has an eye for detail. Whether mirrors, turn signals, hand grips, fuel filler caps or brake levers. Nothing is too small, nothing is too insignificant. This company philosophy has resulted in long-standing partnerships with Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Lamborghini and Alpine.

The first touches with scooters came as early as 2011 through BMW: the Maxi Scooter C 600 Sport received a whole series of accessories. Five years later, the successor C 650 was refined. This had apparently given RIZOMA the scent of fire, because in 2018 Fabrizio Rigolio dared to take on an Italian icon: the Vespa. The Vesparisti had not yet seen such accessories for the GTS. Ergonomically perfect, visually outstanding and made of hand-flattering aluminium. The success inspired Fabrizio Rigolio and in 2021 the new collection for the Vespa GTS was launched. And this time, RIZOMA took the next step and expanded the product range: with air vents, headlight fairings, cascade, flyscreen, luggage hooks, footrests or handlebar end mirrors, the look of the Vespa GTS can be almost completely upgraded.

In the meantime, a trip to scooters has become a journey that has not yet found its end.

The most popular RIZOMA parts at SIP Scootershop.

Many parts are made of "Billet Aluminium", which means nothing else than that the accessories are CNC milled from one block. In addition, the aluminium is anodised, which considerably increases durability and resistance. Logos and lettering are "painted" into the surfaces by laser, which further refines the noble look. Stainless steel (ventilation grille) and polymer (footrests) are also used. SIP Scootershop has been stocking RIZOMA products since 2018, because we recognised this trend for modern Vespas at an early stage.

The following RIZOMA products are particularly popular with our customers: