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PEARTUNE - E-Bike Tuning: Max Speed Off!

PearTune - The Czech manufacturer has been in the business of tuning modules for e-bikes and pedelecs for several years. The motto is "Max Speed Off" (MSO), because the small chips, which are installed directly on the motor, remove the speed limit of 25 km/h and enable a faster pace. PearTune also has solutions for e-bikes in its range that do not have a display or other control buttons. There is a wide choice of motors.

  • Chip lock possible with MSO 4.0

  • "Still On" mode with MS0 3.0

  • Modules for many engines

PearTune Tuning Modules - The MS0 3.0 and MSO 4.0 Versions

The tuning modules of PearTune can be activated and deactivated simply and easily via the WALK, light or ± buttons. In the MSO 3.0 version, the so-called "still-on" function is even available, so that the module is always active as soon as the e-bike is switched on - completely without additional buttons or displays. This version has been specially developed for e-bikes and pedelecs that do not have a display or other control panels.

This is new with the PearTune MSO 4.0 tuning modules:

In late summer 2021, the latest generation of the renowned tuning modules was released: PearTune MSO 4.0. This improved version of the modules can do everything that the previous modules could do, including removing the 25 km/h speed limit (with correctly indicated speed on the display). In addition, the range of functions has been significantly expanded. The most important new features are:

  • There is now the possibility to set the desired maximum speed of an e-bike via the control buttons of the display; a computer or smartphone is not necessary for this. If you set 35 km/h as the value, for example, the battery is conserved, but you can still ride at a brisk pace.

  • In addition, this technology has a chip lock function, which makes the tuning virtually invisible via software. As soon as the chip lock is activated, everything returns to its original state, the tuning can no longer be activated, but it is also no longer visible. Only after a while can the chip lock be lifted and the tuning works again.

PearTune at SIP Scootershop

We have a variety of small tuning modules in our programme that can be used to remove the 25 km/h speed limit. For almost all modules we offer (English) instructions for the installation and the individual adjustment possibilities of the software. Among the motors you will find models from the well-known manufacturers Bosch, Shimano, Specialized, Brose, Bafang - just to name a few.

Here you can see a few examples from our programme:

Conclusion: The e-bike tuning modules from PearTune offer some unique functions. Not only for drives from Bosch and Yamaha, but many special manufacturers like Oli, Shimano, Sachs, Brose and many more.