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PMT - Tyres at SIP Scootershop

PMT - The Winning Tyres. Since the company was founded in 1990, Pauselli Model Tires (PMT) has been producing the highest quality racing tyres for racing. Despite the high price level, it becomes clear after the first drive at the latest why PMT tyres are worth every penny. They are an absolute must if you want to be at the front of the pack on the race track! Whether in lap races or on the quarter mile - the tyres from Aprilia, Italy, have racing in their rubber.

  • Racing tyres with different compounds

  • Blackfire street legal

  • Unsurpassed rain tyres

  • Made in Italy

PMT - Small cars, big success

Umbro Pauselli

The history of the manufacturer began in 1980 with a passion for small scale cars. In his own garage, Umbro Pauselli produced prototype tyres for remote-controlled (RC) racing cars that were not made of foam rubber but a real rubber compound. At first he only did this for the sake of his son Alessandro, who raced the little cars. A little later, his dad built the first machines for production and started the craft.

The results were so well received in the RC scene that the company "Pauselli Model Tyres" was founded in 1990. Thanks to its excellent products, it quickly gained a good reputation in the model car scene. Thus, a small passion became the big company PMT.

In the early 90s, minibikes entered the Italian market with force. Together with the well-known entrepreneur Vittoriano Orazi, PMT began to build tyres for these small machines. And even then, PMT established a unique selling proposition that still distinguishes the Italians today: Instead of conventional tyres, PMT relied entirely on radial tyres. In this way, the company became the market leader in the production of small racing tyres. The 6.5 inch tyres were all built from scratch in their own factories. The machines are still in operation and unique in the world.

PMT - Records with 10 and 12 inch tyres

The new millennium brought special challenges and successes for PMT. In 2003, BMW-Sauber commissioned PMT to build small Formula One tyres for wind tunnel testing. With the knowledge gained from this, PMT entered the world of 10 inch tyres. But the turning point came for the company in 2007, on the stage of the Polini Cup, the most important racing series for scooters in Italy.

Although with Sava, Bridgestone and Dunlop renowned top dogs were present, the small family business from Aprilia, 40 km south of Rome, broke every lap record and won all the races. Then Umbro and Alessandro Pauselli started producing 12 inch tyres and had resounding success with them as well.

PMT - Tyres Made in Italy

Today, the Italian manufacturer is considered one of the leading companies in the racing tyre sector. PMT is known all over the world and besides research, development, experience and investments, the passion of the Pauselli family stands for the success of PMT. Just like the drivers on the track, PMT is never satisfied with second place.

The factory produces its own rubber compounds and tyres for model cars and racing machines on 3,000 sqm. PMT produces around 100,000 tyres a year and does not care about trends and fads - the radial tyre is the Italians' business. PMT has sales offices in more than 50 countries and is involved in over 100 racing series for large and small vehicles. Every single tyre is still made in Italy and is subject to the strict quality control that makes PMT tyres unique products.

»PMT is currently far ahead in racing tyres. If you race on the circuit, you can't really get around these things.«
–Jesco Schmidt, SIP Product Manager and DBM Champion

The most popular PMT tyres at SIP Scootershop

It is hardly surprising that most of the Italian tyres do not have road approval, after all they are purebred racing tyres. The Blackfire series is an exception: a semi-slick with road approval.

Word of the quality of PMT tyres has spread through the scene in recent years and most racers now rely on the tyres from Aprilia. At SIP Scootershop, the slicks with the soft and medium compounds are literally real racers in both 10 and 12 inch sizes. They are closely followed by the rain tyres in the same dimensions. If you want to be at the forefront on the race track these days, you can't do without tyres from PMT.

The following PMT tyres are particularly popular at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: From model cars to minibikes to 12-inchers - PMT tyres are currently the ultimate for the track.

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