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NGK - Spark plugs at SIP Scootershop

NGK - Since April 2023, NGK has been part of the Japanese group NITERRA, but NGK Spark Plugs is a company with a long tradition. NGK was originally founded in 1936 as a manufacturer of spark plugs. Over time, however, the company also specialised in the field of ceramics and made this one of its core competencies. The experience gained has enabled NGK to successfully create new added value in other areas. Today NGK, a company of the NITERRA Group, is one of the leading manufacturers of technical ceramics and a supplier to the automotive industry worldwide.

  • Great technical know-how

  • Very active in motor sports

  • Tradition from Japan

  • Original equipment supplier to many manufacturers

NGK and motorsport

NGK is recognised worldwide as an outstanding supplier of spark plugs and Lambda sensors and is valued by international manufacturers. They work closely with motorbike engine manufacturers to supply high quality products for series production. NGK is valued by the leading motorbike manufacturers in world-renowned racing championships as a reliable supplier of high-quality products. The company has been active in the two-wheel industry for many decades and places great emphasis on continuously improving the quality, technology and performance of its spark plugs in order to meet the high demands of this demanding field. NTK is active in the following racing series: MotoGP, World Superbike, Rally, Motocross, Trials and Speedway World Championships.

NGK at SIP Scootershop

NGK maintains a close relationship with the scooter and motorbike industry. Due to the constant innovations, we at SIP Scootershop are also convinced of the quality of the spark plugs, because they guarantee a better efficiency of the engine and stand for a long service life. The many activities in motor sports and the knowledge gained from them automatically flows into series production.

A few examples from the NGK range at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: Nothing can go wrong with spark plugs from NBK.