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JOCKEY'S BOXENSTOP - The experts for Vespa and Lambretta from Lower Bavaria. For 25 years, Joachim "Jockey" Müller has devoted his heart and soul to scooters. Whether restoration, tuning or repair - with Jockey, the vehicles are in the best hands. And for some years now, Jockey's Boxenstop has also been manufacturing parts itself that are no longer available or can simply be made better.

  • Manufacturer of Lambretta accessories

  • On the market for 25 years

  • Expertise in restoration and tuning

  • Made in Germany

Jockey's Boxenstop - the history

Jockey at work

Joachim "Jockey" Müller tells of the beginnings of his love for scooters: "It all started in 1986 with a Vespa 50 round handlebars ... Somehow it had been clear to me for a long time that I wanted to have a scooter in front of my door by the time I was 16 at the latest. It had to be a Vespa and not one of those new-fangled PK models. With luck, I found what I was looking for within a very short time. The 400 DM burdened my Prima-Giro account to the utmost, but no matter, I had to have the thing. Hard to believe, but the 50N I bought was only four and a half years old, but thus already old enough for a rusted-through running board.
How I managed to transform the humdrum shopping scooter into a mod scooter packed with lights and mirrors in just a few months without any money and my modest knowledge of scooter technology is still not entirely clear to me today. However, all the hours of work and hardship were forgotten after the first round of town."

Jockey dived into the scooter scene. To be able to finance his hobby, he started buying scooters, fixing them up and selling them for a profit. In addition, the first commissions began to roll in. But on the weekends he went to parties and scooter meetings - after a while it was impossible to imagine the scene in Bavaria and Austria without Jockey.

He gave up his mechanical engineering studies after three semesters to turn his hobby into a profession. He completed an apprenticeship at the local Vespa & Suzuki authorised workshop. In his spare time, however, he continued to build scooters and win prizes at custom shows. In the spring of 1996, Jockey not only graduated as a master two-wheeler mechanic, but also opened "Jockey's Boxenstop" in a small garage in Pfarrkirchen. Additional storage and parking spaces soon had to be rented. In the absence of available expansion possibilities, he built his ideal workshop with showroom and warehouse himself without further ado. Jockey's Boxenstop" has been at its present location since 2004.

In the meantime, ex-SIPers Markus Weßner, Fritz Schroer and Helmut Eckmeier have joined the team. Together they have built a reputation that goes far beyond Bavaria and Germany. They are considered experts for Vespas, but above all Lambrettas.

Jockey's pit stop - from dealer to manufacturer

During the sometimes long Lower Bavarian winter months, Joachim Müller's team now even develops its own parts for the Lambretta. If there is a supply gap on the market - Jockey's Boxenstop will take care of it. The large warehouse contains almost all the parts needed for a Lambretta. Of course also the Lambretta parts that SIP has been producing for several years. And vice versa, you can get Jockey's Boxenstop products from us. A fruitful cooperation that has a great future ahead of it. The Falkenberg headlights will not be the last Lambretta parts to find their way into our range.

Jockey's pit stop at SIP Scootershop

Jockey has been a valued customer at SIP Scootershop for more than 20 years and we have always watched its development with interest. So it was only natural that we also include Jockey's own developed parts for Lambretta in our range. We are looking forward to further cooperation in the coming years and are excited to see what else the guys from Lower Bavaria have up their sleeves. Their products already impress with their perfect style and high quality.

You can currently find the following products from Jockey's Boxenstop in our shop:

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