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HEIDENAU - Tyres at SIP Scootershop

HEIDENAU - A passion for tyres since 1946. The traditional company HEIDENAU, based near Dresden, has been producing tyres for more than 70 years. The core competence of the tyre specialist lies in the production of cross-ply tyres for motorbikes, scooters, classic cars and motor sports.

  • Outstanding quality

  • Winter and all-weather tyres

  • Wide range of sizes and classes

  • Made in Germany

HEIDENAU - Tyres Made in Germany

In the 1970s, HEIDENAU specialised in motorbike and scooter tyres. The first HEIDENAU tyres in the days of the GDR were manufactured for Simsons, but also for the Trabant and the Barkas. In 1994, the company finally established itself as Reifenwerk HEIDENAU GmbH & Co KG. At that time, the manufacturer employed almost 800 people. At that time, HEIDENAU's product range consisted of 35 products. This number has risen sharply to the present day.

Today, HEIDENAU is a specialist in the development of scooter tyres, whose requirements differ significantly from other tyres. And even within the scooter tyre segment, there are different wishes regarding the functions of a tyre, depending on the intended use.

Ever since the increase in scooter enthusiasts in the 90s, HEIDENAU has been constantly researching and developing - no matter whether it's about the tyre construction or the material compound. The aim is to provide scooter riders with optimally matched products - especially in view of the increasing performance parameters of the scooters themselves. Thus HEIDENAU produced the first scooter racing slick, the first scooter winter tyres and other special dimensions. The best example is the 8 inch tyres for the older Vespa models.

In HEIDENAU's tyre manufactory, around 200 employees produce 550 different tyre designs with a high level of craftsmanship. The tyre manufacturer has succeeded in firmly establishing HEIDENAU as a premium brand in the market through its courage to stick to Germany as a production and innovation location and the greatest possible care for quality, as well as a corporate culture that is tangible.

HEIDENAU tyres - the quality promise

HEIDENAU is the last tyre manufacturer to really develop and produce scooter tyres in Germany - and partly by hand! Fully automated production lines are hardly to be found in HEIDENAU's factories. Instead, the experience and competence of the employees are reflected in each individual tyre, in which more than 100 work steps are involved. This circumstance offers customers quality and reliability.

»The K80 SR is an insider tip in the scooter scene! Now also available for classic Vespas!«
–Robert Kerner, Product Development, SIP Scootershop

HEIDENAU tyres are particularly characterised by the variety of sizes and classes, because HEIDENAU is the only tyre manufacturer that can offer such a wide product spectrum, and within this spectrum, such an immense variety of dimensions for scooter tyres. So that every scooter and Vespa rider can really find the tyre he needs and which suits him, his vehicle and riding behaviour. The all-weather tyres as well as the winter tyres for scooters and motorbikes are essential for the tyre manufacturer. With the K58 Snowtex, HEIDENAU presented the first winter tyre for scooters. At that time, the winter tyre regulation was still mandatory in 2010, but it no longer applies to scooters and motorbikes.

The most popular HEIDENAU tyres at SIP Scootershop

The most popular street tyre is without question the K80 SR. A tyre that everyone has been waiting for: Design, handling and grip are clearly those of a modern road athlete, but the durability convinces like that of an all-rounder! The K80 SR offers high mileage combined with good wet grip. The special arrangement of the tread grooves as well as a newly developed carcass enable perfect straight-line driving and excellent line stability during speedy cornering.

A popular all-season tyre is the K58. Due to the all-season tyre's loosened tread blocks and the tread structure adapted to the respective vehicle class, high drainage is achieved. The resulting excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, safe straight-line driving and outstanding cornering grip have been convincing our customers for more than 15 years. In addition, an above-average tread height combined with a specially tuned compound ensures a long tyre life.

The K80 SR/SRS racing tyre, which has been redesigned from the ground up, has a weight-optimised carcass that has been specially designed for racing use so that it can withstand the high loads of the racetrack despite its light weight. Thanks to the new tyre construction and tuned tyre geometry, the racing tyre delivers extremely high tyre stability as well as a good-natured limit range. As a result, even very high lean angles are conceivable, depending on the rider's skills.

The most popular tyres from the manufacturer HEIDENAU at SIP Scootershop are:

  • K80 SR - The sporty all-rounder for perfect straight-line stability.

  • K58 - The all-weather tyre with excellent grip.

  • K75 - A tyre with high mileage and good grip.

  • K47 - The all-round tyre with very good driving characteristics.

  • K61 - Sporty road tyre and two-time test winner in Scooter&Sport.

  • K38 - Nostalgic block tread and stable handling.

Conclusion: A success story that gets us from A to B every day. With tyres from HEIDENAU, every scooter finds the right match in every weather and season.

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