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EGRET - The e-scooters from the Hanseatic city

EGRET - Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 2010 with the aim of creating an optimal electric scooter for everyday use that is well designed, of high quality, flexible to use and affordable. That's why Walberg Urban Electrics launched the EGRET brand in 2012 and has been developing, producing and selling small foldable electric scooters throughout Europe ever since.

  • Stylish products developed in Hamburg

  • Very good workmanship

  • Many victories in independent tests

  • Made in Germany

EGRET - Urban mobility

Company founder Florian Walberg describes himself as a pioneer in the e-scooter industry. He campaigned for the approval of e-scooters throughout Europe. The starting point for the EGRET offer is the urban situation: crowded cities, noise and exhaust pollution, high deadline pressure, precious time. There is little room for relaxation here and the need for mobility is increasing. Pleasure and enthusiasm are the focus both in daily work and for the users of the products. E-scooters provide urban mobility that gives its users independence, flexibility and fun.

With a watchful eye for trends and the needs of consumers, the products are constantly optimised. Services and products should be in tune with the spirit of the times, but always with a view to sustainability and the long term. E-mobility products start where other means of transport reach their limits.

The EGRET brand of Walberg Urban Electrics provides high-quality, contemporary and sustainable answers to the individual needs of urban mobility. The aim is to establish means of transport of the future that are easy to use, reliable, cost-effective and fun to operate.

The most popular EGRET products at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: The EGRET brand stands for contemporary and future-oriented urban mobility.

Now it's easy: Insurance for your E-Scooter

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