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CASA PERFORMANCE - Tuning for the Lambretta

CASA PERFORMANCE - A brand that is part of CASA LAMBRETTA, which in turn is inseparably linked to the name of Vittorio Tessera, who has been doing everything he can to support Lambretta for more than 40 years. The company headquarters in Milan not only houses a salesroom, workshop and warehouse on 800 square metres, but also a museum that is a place of pilgrimage not only for Lambretta fans. With his entry into racing, Vittorio Tessera expanded the range to include high-quality tuning parts under the CASA PERFORMANCE label.

  • Tested on the track under racing conditions

  • Almost all parts "Made in Italy

  • Tuning for advanced riders

It all started with a Lambretta 125 LD from 1953

125 LD Sezionata

Vittorio Tessera bought it at the age of 16 and was infected by the incurable disease called "Lambrettismo". Three years later, in 1980, he registered the company CASA LAMBRETTA and opened his first workshop. However, the Lambretta was not very widespread, nor was it particularly fashionable. Collectors tended to concentrate on brands such as MotoGuzzi, Bianchi or Gilera. Vittorio Tessera founded the "Club Amici del vecchio Scooter" (Club for Friends of Old Scooters), which soon had 28 members.

For the next 15 years, Vittorio Tessera dedicated himself to the restoration of scooters. In 1989 he revived the "Lambretta Club Italia" and from 1996 the magazine "Lambretta Magazine". He came into contact with the Innocenti family and the inventors of the Lambretta left him the historical archives, prototypes and film material. Vittorio Tessera began to write books and to date eleven works have been published by him about the Lambretta. The next project and adventure was the museum and today there are 175 vehicles on display: Single pieces, racing prototypes and series models. Admission is free.


Vittorio Tessera

The actual CASA LAMBRETTA brand was created in 1996 to market the products internationally. The market for Lambretta parts was wild at the time and prices were absolutely inconsistent. Vittorio Tessera brought out a price list, the end customers finally had some orientation and the market calmed down. A dealer network was built up and soon Vittorio Tessera was working with over 40 partners all over the world. Today, the CASA LAMBRETTA catalogue is practically the "Lambretta Bible" and comes to around 400 pages.

As if all this were not enough, Vittorio Tessera also entered the world of motorsport and established the CASA PERFORMANCE brand. High-tech products to tune the racing machines. With the help of these parts, the Rimini Lambretta Centre Team celebrated considerable successes in Europe.

Today, in addition to his wife Orietta, three accomplished mechanics work at CASA LAMBRETTA, responsible for restorations and product development. Vittorio Tessera has made his lifelong dream come true and has had a decisive influence on the Lambretta brand over the past decades. It is also thanks to him and his team that these scooters still have many enthusiasts around the globe.


Today we have almost 80 articles from CASA PERFORMANCE in our assortment. From pistons and gearshift grips to clutches and exhaust systems - there is nothing that the Italians don't make for the pimped Lambretta. According to the manufacturer, 90% of the parts are made in Italy; only a few products are made by Asian producers. We don't want to recommend any individual items, just have a look through the variety of CASA PERFORMANCE.

Conclusion: If you want to make your Lambretta more powerful, CASA PERFORMANCE is your best bet.