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CHAMPION spark plugs - at SIP Scootershop

CHAMPION - After the foundation of the company in 1907, it took only one year until the first spark plugs from CHAMPION were installed in the legendary Ford T-Model "Tin Lizzie". The beginning of a long and exciting success story. 1934 saw the entry into aviation, 1969 saw the Concorde take to the skies with ignition devices from CHAMPION and 1978 saw the Renault Alpine A442 stop Porsche's winning run and win at Le Mans - naturally with six spark plugs from CHAMPION. And F1 driver Fernando Alonso also achieved his first two victories in the premier class with these spark plugs from the USA.

CHAMPION at SIP Scootershop

Especially in the scooter sector with relatively small displacements and high speeds, the highest demands are placed on spark plugs. Overheating with the risk of sticking or sooting of the spark plug are frequent problems if the wrong spark plug is chosen. CHAMPION has great know-how to offer consistent quality for years. A few examples:

Conclusion: With spark plugs from CHAMPION, the spark is guaranteed to jump over.