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BELL Helmets - at SIP Scootershop

BELL - The name "BELL Racing Helmets" alone makes the hearts of all motorised people beat faster. Whether Indy 500, NASCAR or Formula 1 - drivers trust the products of the company that has stood for safety in motor sports for more than 60 years. You can't go wrong there, even if you're a motorbike, scooter or scooter rider.

  • Decades of experience in racing

  • Innovation driver

  • Highest safety standards

  • Cutting edge design

BELL - California, Illinois, Bahrain

It all started in 1954 with a small shop for car spare parts in Los Angeles. Roy Richter dealt in products to improve the safety of drivers in motor and cycling sports. Eventually, he manufactured his own first helmet, the legendary BELL 500, in his backyard. The rest is one success story that culminated in all 33 drivers in the Indy 500 wearing helmets made by Roy Richter's company in 1971. The Museum of Modern Art in New York discovered the design quality of BELL helmets as early as 1962, and today four helmets by Roy Richter can be found in the permanent exhibition.

The umbrella brand BELL Racing Helmets has been located in Champaign, Illinois since 1988. Today, the production halls of BELL Helmets International cover 60,000 square metres in Bahrain, while the Bell Racing Europe division is based in Belgium. What started as a small clinker in California is now a privately owned company operating worldwide.

BELL - From Mario Andretti to Michael Schumacher.

From the beginning, Roy Richter had his sights set on the racing scene and Cal Niday was the first racer to compete in the Indy 500 wearing a BELL helmet in 1955. That was just the start and when Jim Bryan won the 1958 Indy 500 wearing a BELL helmet, Roy Richter didn't need much convincing. Jimmy Clark became Formula 1 World Champion and further successes followed by Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton - to name but a few. BELL helmets are an integral part of high-class racing and the heirs of Roy Richter work very closely with the most successful drivers.

In 2007, BELL entered the children's helmet business and continued its successes thanks to its great experience. In 2008, the GTX helmet for "dirt racers" came onto the market, followed by the next innovation in 2014 with the HP7 and in 2021, BELL returns to rallying. With the revolutionary ZeroNoise technology.

BELL - The most popular helmets at SIP Scootershop.

Whether half-shell, integral, cross or children's helmet - at SIP Scootershop the helmets from BELL are real racers. The progressive design, the safety guaranteed by racing, advanced materials, modern technology and aerodynamics can fully convince our customers. And the bike helmets and head protectors for children are not only stylish, but also offer comfort and safety on the road and dirt track.

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