Vespa Smallframe Cross Conversion

Created by Dietrich Limper at 14:07 on July 7, 2023

We remember: A few months ago Jesco was at a "Mostra Scambio" in Italy and bought a Vespa V50 from 1968. The intention was to build and rebuild this Vespa for our Matscho Karatscho event in July 2023. So far, not too much had happened in this matter, but because the date on the horizon is getting closer and closer, Jesco and Nico finally got down to business. And when they realise that they won't be driving the scooter at the Cross-Gaudi, Elvis has to help out, because our up-and-coming mechanic is supposed to steer the vehicle through the mud and dirt. Attention spoilers! The joint effort is rewarded, because the V50 is ready for use.

The deconstruction of the Vespa V50

First of all, Jesco and Nico take a close look at the bike and in the end there is not much left. The look should be preserved, but otherwise everything can be taken out and gone. Jesco takes the frame to the specialist Sebastian Attenberger, who takes a hammer, welder and drill to the Vespa. The result is impressive. Everything is overhauled, but not much has changed visually. It's time to get down to business.

A few months ago, Elvis and Erich assembled a 170 cc Egig engine with 25 hp. And it is exactly this engine that is now to be installed in the V50. So Elvis is now allowed to help and Jesco hands him the parts: shock absorbers, brake drums, cables and so on. Good Luck!

The rebirth of the Vespa V50

The end result of the whole story is something to be proud of. An old frame, with a nice patina and plenty of power under the butt. After some adversity, Elvis brings the V50 onto the track and is visibly impressed. On 29 July we will see if the Vespa lives up to its promise at the Matscho Karatscho.

The parts list for the Egig 170 cc engine can be found here.

The list for the remaining parts of the Vespa V50 can be found here.

Video: Vespa Smallframe Cross Conversion

Shock Absorber SIP PERFORMANCE 2.0 RACE front
for Vespa PK50-125/S/SS/XL/XL2/Automatica
also for conversion to disc brake for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3/VNA/VNB/150 VBA/VBB/T4 /GT/GTR/TS/Super/150 GL/Sprint/V/Super/Rally

Picture gallery: Video: Vespa Smallframe Cross Conversion

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Dietrich Limper
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