Vespa Largeframe Engine Assembly

Created by Dietrich Limper at 16:01 on January 25, 2023

André has been working with Vespa engines for over 25 years. He knows both the careless mistakes that can creep in when you build such an engine for the first time and some of the tricks of the pros that are necessary to ensure the durability of the engines and guarantee their function ...

In this tutorial series André breaks down the assembly of a largely "normal" Vespa PX80 engine into nine sensible stages. He explains and shows each section, the associated tools, hand movements and also gives tips and tricks on how to check your own engine parts. We filmed the series in English, but of course you can watch the German subtitles on YouTube.


Episode 1

Overhauling the drive shaft Vespa PX and Largeframe

Episode 2

Changing the primary gear ratio

Episode 3

Renewing bearings

Sequence 4

Gearbox assembly and checking the gearshift positions

Sequence 5

Fitting oil seals

Sequence 6

Assembling the engine halves

Sequence 7

Clutch assembly and installation

Sequence 8

Rear brake

Sequence 9

Cylinder assembly, completion of fuselage engine

Service and continuation

Under the article Engine revision kit a checklist is available in which the respective measurement and torque values are entered.


At the end of the 9-part series, the fuselage engine is completely overhauled and ready to be installed in its touring scooter, the old blue Vespa VBB.

Building on the engine overhaul, SIP and André have made a second season of videos in which André teaches the basics of tuning and tries out a lot of different tuning possibilities and parts.

Stay tuned!

Video: Vespa Largeframe Engine Assembly

Photo gallery: Vespa Largeframe engine assembly

Vespa Largeframe Engine Rebuild
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