Vespa: Changing Handles made easy

Created by Dietrich Limper at 14:03 on March 21, 2024

Today we are looking at a topic that may seem simple at first glance: replacing the Grips on a Vespa or Lambretta. However, it often turns out that this supposedly easy task can become a source of frustration. Many of you have probably already experienced that the Grips are either difficult to remove or to reattach. This often leads to tedious attempts to force the Grips off, which in turn can cause damage to the Paint. But don't worry, in this video we will show you different techniques to successfully overcome this challenge. We'll get insights from various experts who will share their methods for fitting the Grips.

Trick #1: Nico / Brake Cleaner

Expert Nico relies entirely on the excellent gliding properties of Brake Cleaner. After destroying and removing the old Grips, he fills the new one with some liquid from the spray can and casually slides it onto the Handlebars.

Trick #2: Luigi / Power & Fan

With enough power in his right arm, Luigi can work without any tools. With a powerful tug, he pulls the Handle from the Handlebar. He then relies on the laws of physics and uses an air cushion to slide the new Handle into the correct position. Blubb - it fits like this!

Trick #3: Fabi / hairspray

Most of you won't have any hairspray in the household, but now you finally have a reason to remedy this shortcoming. Gentlemen can of course simply ask their spouse or girlfriend. The spray first provides the necessary moisture to push the Handle into position and then everything is automatically glued bombproof. Ingenious!

Trick #4: Jesco / compressed air

"If you don't have compressed air at home, you have to go somewhere that does." Jesco doesn't skimp on practical tips and, thanks to his subjective perception, he considers this method to be the fastest. He lets it hiss twice and the Handle is mounted. Then you can happily drive half an hour home from the local garage or petrol station. That was quick, wasn't it?

Luigi relies on strength and physics
Hairspray: Slides, Clues and goes in a flash
Compressed air
Tip from a pro: Drive around and look for compressed air


Objectively speaking, each approach is practicable and they only differ in nuances. What should you never use under any circumstances? Silicone Spray! Even with this, replacing the Grips literally works smoothly, but stepping on the gas afterwards becomes a real challenge and slippery. Not recommended!

Whatever you decide to do - we hope you enjoy your new Grips! Have a good ride!

Video: Four tricks for changing the grips on your Vespa

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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