E-bike care: fit for spring

Created by Dietrich Limper at 15:03 on March 13, 2023

Even though winters in our latitudes are increasingly losing their terror, many e-bikes and pedelecs disappear into the cellar or garage for a few months. But as soon as the temperatures rise and the sun takes back the sky, the beloved two-wheelers are back on the road and want to be ridden. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely, we have a few tips for the new season.

Get into the season! Get on your bike!

The tyres are rather flabby, the frame dirty, the chain bone dry: after a long winter break, many cyclists are somewhat overwhelmed by the many repair sites on their e-bikes. But it's worth making the effort and sprucing up your bike, because then you'll make faster, more efficient and more comfortable progress. Below is some advice and tricks.

Dismantle and clean the battery

Is the e-bike defective or did it suffer damage during the winter? First clean it thoroughly to check this. Do not use any sharp or corrosive agents - water, a damp cloth and the ingenious SONAX InsektenStar cleaner are enough. If it is very dirty, you can also use the garden hose. But be sure to remove the battery first to avoid damage. Then dry everything off and polish if necessary.

During the spring check, the battery of the e-bike should also be checked to ensure smooth functioning. To clean the connector poles, it is recommended to use a dry and soft cloth. A properly stored battery (in a dry environment at ten to 15 degrees) should function properly. To achieve a longer battery life, the e-bike, including the battery, should be stored at comfortable temperatures and in a dry environment. It is important never to attempt to open the battery casing. Defective units should be disposed of properly at a recycling centre.

The e-bike chain likes oil

After cleaning the e-bike chain, it is important to re-grease it. Chain oil or chain spray can be used for this purpose. Pay attention to whether the agent has to be applied to the dry or wet chain. Any excess should be wiped off with a cloth.

The brakes and wheels of the e-bike

For a reliable e-bike, it is essential that the brakes function properly. Make sure that the brake pads or blocks are sufficiently thick. Also make sure that the brake lever can never be pushed through to the handlebar. This would indicate worn pads. If you dare, you can re-tighten and adjust the brake yourself. If you feel unsure, we recommend an inspection at a workshop. This costs between 40 and 60 euros and guarantees the safety and functionality of your brake system. Brake cleaner degreases and cleans the brake disc and pads quickly and effectively.

It is of great importance to inspect your tyres carefully to ensure that they are in perfect condition. It is important to look for worn-in objects that can make the material porous, as well as worn and treadless tyres. The rims should also be checked. The inner tube is also an important aspect to ensure that it is tight and undamaged before inflating the tyres.

Each e-bike has a specific recommended air pressure, which can be found in the manufacturer's operating instructions. As a rule, the air pressure for a 28-inch wheel is between four and five bar, but the maximum permissible pressure is indicated on the tyre sidewall. You can find more information in the operating instructions of the e-bike. We have a practical air pump for you here. It also works for cars, scooters, campers, trailers, football, .....

Light and drive of the e-bike

Visibility and perceptibility are essential for safe participation in road traffic. Therefore, it is important that the bike's lights work properly. As part of spring maintenance, the bicycle lights should therefore also be checked. For e-bikes with direct power supply, in addition to correct wiring, the dynamo should also be checked for proper functioning. If the bicycle is equipped with battery or rechargeable battery lighting, a visual inspection of the cables and the battery is necessary. If the lighting is battery-operated, you should check whether the rechargeable batteries or batteries still work and, if in doubt, replace them with new ones. Then everything is done and it's time to wash your hands and get on your bike!

E-bike motors are normally maintenance-free and should work perfectly even after the winter break. However, if you hear any unusual noises, you should go straight to the workshop.

Have a good ride!

Once all this is done, spring and summer can come. Perhaps you are interested in Tuning your e-bike. We can help you with that too. Read our guide or watch the video linked below. For trips and tours we have classic bags and baskets and baskets that offer plenty of storage space and are easy on the eye. For your safety we can offer very modern helmets with exciting functions. And last but not least Theft protectioneverything around care and maintenance as well as backpacks and bags. Then you will be well prepared for the 2023 season. We wish you lots of fun on all trails!

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

Dietrich Limper works as an editor for SIP Scootershop and also writes for local and national publications. When he's not geocaching, he enjoys the amazing antics of Bayer Leverkusen.