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Wiring Loom

for Vespa 200 Rally

  • with battery
  • with parkinglight, high-/low beam
  • indicator handlebar end
  • with ignition lock at handle bar, FEMSATRONIC ignition

Grade 1 - perfect repair
One rating
VAT included Plus shipping
350g / Piece
Part no.: 87001410

Product description

The wiring loom is the nervous system of the Vespa and ensures that the power precisely reaches where it should. The cables are often fragile in the case of a 30 year old barn find, the contacts loose and the cable colours no longer recognisable.


However, a faulty wiring loom does not only affect the electrics but also has a negative impact on the running of the engine. Yet it is almost impossible to find and resolve the error "somewhere" in the wiring loom and the wiring loom must be completely replaced.


That's why we stock the relevant wiring looms for all small frame, wide frame and large frame models in different qualities. These have exactly the same connections as loads such as headlamp units, rear lights, etc. which originally belong to the respective model. We therefore list all models exactly (if modifications have been made within a range, the corresponding VIN number is also given) and specify the matching wiring loom. This means that among the bewildering choice of wiring looms, you can find the wiring loom which goes with your own scooter. Wiring looms that offer features that are not present on any particular model, such as brake-light indicators, are perfectly compatible. The unneeded loom extensions can just be tidily put out-of-service.


If the scooter is retrofitted, for example, to a 12V PX engine with E-ignition or Vespatronic / Parmakit ignition, we recommend that you use SIP Spare Parts  wiring looms.
All of our SIP Premium wiring looms are hand-made in an established Austrian automotive wiring loom manufacturers.


Conclusion: The wiring loom should always be replaced during a restoration


SIP-TIP: The fastest and easiest way is to push a wire or Bowden cable through a horn opening, through the frame in the direction of the tank. Then affix the wiring loom with some adhesive tape and push through and pull forward through the frame. The same then applies to the rest to the steering head and the rear light opening.

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