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Tuning Module E-Bike SPEEDBOX 1.0 for E-Bikes/Pedelecs BROSE Drive T/ Drive S/ Drive S Mag/SPECIALIZED
Part no.: EB100131
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15g / Piece
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Tuning Module E-Bike SPEEDBOX 1.0

for E-Bikes/​Pedelecs BROSE Drive T/​ Drive S/​ Drive S Mag/​SPECIALIZED

  • invisible at the drive motor
  • displayed: actual values
  • activation: always active
  • electric assistance - 50 km/h
Race use only! Liability, warranty and guarantee on the part of the dealer/manufacturer expires or is severely restricted.
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Including VAT Free shipping
15g / Piece

Product description

The SpeedBox 1.0 for BROSE Specialized drives is a reliable tuning chip for your e-bike with BROSE Specialized motor. SpeedBox 1.0 enables the deactivation of the e-bike speed limiter.


After installing the SpeedBox 1.0 tuning module, the correct values are shown on the e-bike display up to 22 km/h. Even if you ride faster, this value remains. Even if you ride faster, this value remains. This tuning module is suitable for the BROSE Specialized 1.1 and 1.2 as well as for the BROSE S, T and S-MAG motors.

  • Very simple installation
  • Invisibly mounted on the motor
  • Correct speed display up to 22 km/h

Starting with the SpeedBox 1.0

The SpeedBox 1.0 for BROSE is always active when it is mounted in an E-bike. You don't have to bother with switching it on and off.


Note: Not compatible with the SpeedBox app.

Installation and dismantling

The installation of this module is simple and can be done in just a few steps. It's best to watch the video below. The tuning module can also be removed just as easily.


Note: If the tuning module is installed on a brand new e-bike, you should have ridden the bike for at least one kilometre beforehand.


Conclusion: A very easy-to-install tuning option that is invisibly installed on the motor.

Our ideas for a pleasant ride - SIP-TIP:

  • A holder for your smartphone is very practical
  • Many things can be stowed in the backpack
  • The matching helmet is available here

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