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for Vespa 50-125/​PV/​ET3/​PK50-125/​S/​XL/​XL2

  • 47 pieces
  • incl. olive SIP Classic tool bag

Grade 1* - first-class repair
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3,66kg / Piece
Part no.: 208464O0

Product description

No scooter journeys without tools! We have learned through bitter experience that an adequate set of tools is essential for a successful trip when out and about on your scooter. As if the repair itself wasn't enough hassle, you discover that exactly the tool required is missing. The team here at SIP go on an extensive scooter trip annually, so we thought it would be in our own interest to compile a set of tools to help us continue on our journeys. Assuming you know how to use them properly of course...

The CORTINA Scooter Tool Kit is perfect for minor roadside repairs that might become necessary while out visiting the local ice-cream parlour or going to the lake for a swim. It consists of screwdrivers, combination pliers, a selection of spanners and a spark plug spanner. Cable ties, electrical wire and a little gaffer tape can also get you home when necessary.

The PORDOI Scooter Tool Kit is named after our favourite set of passes in the Dolomite mountains. This selection of tools allows you to take on the more extensive repairs while travelling, without having to rely on the local roadside recovery service. The basic content of the CORTINA set is complemented with all the tools necessary to completely strip, and repair, the engine, etc.... A more complete set of open spanners, de/mounting tools for the flywheel and clutch, a ratchet and complete set of sockets (even for the rear wheel), circlip pliers and an LED lamp.

All tools are manufactured to the highest standards and each tool kit is supplied either with or without the extremely convenient SIP tool bag. We have different kits for the requirements of Vespa models with large or small frame in the offer.


SIP – TIP: Do not forget to additionally include a selection of spare operating cables, spark plugs, small nuts and bolts and assorted fixings and replacement carburettor jets to complete your scooters tool kit. Loctite thread-lock liquid, gasket material, gearbox oil and some protective gloves can also prove incredibly handy!

The scope of delivery of the tool

  • Combi puller pole wheel/clutch assembly aid
  • Castle nut spanner
  • Clutch retaining tool
  • 2 combination wrench
  • 5 double jaw wrench
  • Various screwdrivers
  • Circlip pliers
  • Freewheel ratchet with adapter
  • 9 sockets and 1 socket extension
  • Tool spring hook
  • Cable puller pliers
  • Combi plier
  • Spark plug spanner
  • LED torch
  • 2 fabric tapes
  • Insulating tape
  • Various cable ties
  • Safety wire

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