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Tank for Vespa 125 V30-33/Hoffmann HA
Part no.: 75207300
Including VAT Free shipping
1,55kg / Piece
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for Vespa 125 V30-33/​Hoffmann HA

  • 240x170x140 mm
  • oiled metal
  • square, rounded corners
  • with tank cap
  • premium quality, incl. tank cap
Grade A - original restoration
One rating
Including VAT Free shipping
1,55kg / Piece

Product description

Fuel tanks for the Vespa wideframe models, freshly-produced and clean fuel storage possibilities for the vintage PIAGGIO scooters.


There are three main types of fuel tank fitted to the Vespa wideframe models. They can be primarily distinguished by the size of the opening in the chassis of the scooter model with which they left the factory. The early models especially had a rather narrow opening available and with it a narrower fuel tank with a minimal capacity. Following further development of the wideframe model range this opening became wider, to what is now considered the second evolutionary step. This opening was then once again enlarged to the grand dimensions of the most voluminous version, produced for the Vespa GS160. They were noticeably longer, to create enough fuel capacity, enabling extended journeys.

  • Brand new and completely clean.
  • Impervious.
  • Available for all models.

Regrettably, the size of the opening in the frame is not the only defining parameter in the choice of the correct fuel tank. According to model and stage of evolutionary volume increase, there are several versions of the wideframe fuel tanks available. Even the attachment and filler cap mechanism differ between models. This makes it especially relevant to order according to the exact specification of the version required.

Sei Giorni Style

These days the Sei Giorni factory racers have a legendary status. These were race-equipped Vespa models produced in Pontedera with full approval from PIAGGIO, conceived and developed to increase sales by winning races! One of the more obvious custom features of these factory-specials must be the bulbous fuel tanks, emerging from the frame behind the seat.


We have two versions of these Sei Giorni style fuel tanks available. The first is closely based on the design of the OE PIAGGIO version, the second a more liberal interpretation of their historical inspiration. This considering the fact that no two Sei Giorni fuel tanks were the same, due to their hand-produced, custom manufacture.


As opposed to the mass-produced types fitted to the popular Vespa models of the day, the Sei Giorni types are noticeably larger and protrude from the frame to almost the height of the swinging saddles base plate. Their nine litre capacity increased the range of the competition Vespas considerably. In a modern context, this is especially advantageous for wideframe models fitted with tuned engines.

Fast Flow

Modern fast-flow fuel taps can be fitted to all Vespa fuel tanks produced since the V30 generation. Earlier models did not even include an opening to fit a fuel tap in their fuel tanks, instead having to rely on a complicated construction involving a sealing mechanism and a small connecting pipe. If you mount a new fuel tap to any model its specific fuel tap lever must also be used and adapted to fit when necessary.


Ensure the interior of your newly acquired fuel tank is completely clean and uncontaminated before assembly/operation. Tanks that have been coated in anti-corrosive oil should be first cleaned and painted before use. Even tanks delivered with a coat of base paint should first be checked for any contamination caused by production procedures, etc.

The most important accessories - our SIP-TIP:

  • Always make sure you have the right fuel tap and order it at the same time if necessary.
  • The fuel tap lever should always match the model.
  • Order new gaskets for the tank and fuel filler cap.
OEM numbers (for comparisons): (PIAGGIO)

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