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Speedometer Cover for Vespa T5
Part no.: 76501000
VAT included Plus shipping
150g / Piece
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Speedometer Cover

for Vespa T5

  • black
    Grade 1 - perfect repair
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    VAT included Plus shipping
    150g / Piece
    Part no.: 76501000

    Product description

    Unlike the older Vespa models which are equipped with a closed handlebar, the newer models (PK, PX, etc.) have a divisible handlebar with removable headseatcover. This protects cables pulls and electric components from damage and dirt.


    The headset covers from the PX models may be interchanged among each other in general. The 'PX old' covers however vary depending on the diameter of the speedometer of the 'PX Lusso' models. This means that if one installs the headset cover of the other respective model, the speedometer and ignition lock also have to be retrofitted. Depending on the finish, the covers are primed in a chrome or carbon look with or without rear-view mirror drills.


    Particularly practical: the cover of the Vespa '98/MY/'11 models already have an opening for the master brake cylinder and are thus highly suited for making the retrofitting of drum to disc brakes perfect.


    We are able to offer a large number of covers directly from PIAGGIO or another high quality Italian equipment supplier. PIAGGIO no longer produces some covers for the Vespa T5 / Cosa & PK XL2 models. At the moment, LML offers the only alternative here.

    We now have the headset cover for the Vespa PK S/ETS and PK XL2/FL/N models as part of the SIP Spareparts range of products. Special moulding forms were created especially for this purpose. This means we can also produce these parts with a 'Chrome-look'.


    Conclusion: There's a nut for every bolt and an appropriate handlebar cover for every Vespa.


    SIP TIP: Order the screws for the headset cover at the same time. The Vespa becomes a real eye-catcher with a matching colour headset cover, horn cover and flywheel cover. The SIP digital speedometer, headlamp rim and mirror finish the look off perfectly.

    OEM numbers (for comparisons): 226235 - außer Produktion (PIAGGIO)

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