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Product image for 'Rubber Side Panel ARIETETitle'
Rubber Side Panel ARIETE for Vespa 125 V1-33/VN/VM/VNA/VNB/150 VB1T/VBA/VBB/VL1-3T/GS VS1-5
Part no.: 86052000
Including VAT Plus shipping
346g / Piece
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Product image for 'Rubber Side Panel ARIETETitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Rubber Side Panel ARIETETitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Rubber Side Panel ARIETETitle'
Product image for 'Rubber Side Panel ARIETETitle'

Rubber Side Panel ARIETE

for Vespa 125 V1-33/​VN/​VM/​VNA/​VNB/​150 VB1T/​VBA/​VBB/​VL1-3T/​GS VS1-5

  • l 3000 mm
  • w 10 mm
  • thin
  • pebble grey RAL 7032
Grade A - patina look for original paint
9 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
346g / Piece

Product description

Original side-panel rubbers were always supplied in either black or grey, according to the scooters original colour. The different versions are available in various lengths and profiles, according to model or series. ARIETE supplies high quality side-panel rubbers.

Similarly, the "Vintage" rubbers are of high quality . The surface of the rubber is really nice rough and they can be adjusted to any desired shape. The color is matt held ,which is very close to the original rubber. "Made in Germany"

We also have a range of more reasonably priced reproduction side-panel rubbers available in a variety of colours. (blue, green, red and yellow)


The rubbers must be cut to the required lengths before fitting (apart from for the PX models) as we deliver them in one piece (see article description).


SIP-TIP : Lightly grease the contact edges of the side-panels before fitting your new rubbers. This helps keep them securely in place, for good.


SIP community user 'vespa-and-more' on part 86050000 :

”These items fit beautifully!”

Which gray matches my scooter?

We have attempted to avoid subjective terms of definition with the grey tones, such as bright-grey, dark-grey etc. to sort and differentiate between them using the RAL classic colour system of number codes. The RAL colour palette is internationally recognised, can easily be located online or - even better - be directly compared using a folding array RAL colour sample collection SIP (#98889900). But even then the various shades are sometimes hard to define. Even considering this, we find that it makes the selection of suitable replacement rubber components simpler for each type of scooter re/build project and leads to a more harmonious match to the existing rubber attachments particular tone.

  • Pebble, Agate and Silk grey shades look great on scooters with their original factory paintwork as they most closely resemble the worn and sun-bleached original existing components. 
  • Light-grey parts however look best when combined with newly restored scooters or those with custom paintwork. (RAL grey shades see article download) 

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