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Product image for 'Pickup PIAGGIOTitle'
Pickup PIAGGIO for Vespa 100 2°/PK50 S/Lusso/Rush Elestart/XL/XL2/FL/HP/PK80-125S/PK125/ETS/N/XL/XL2/PX80-200 E Lusso/'98/'11/T5/Cosa
Part no.: 85140000
Including VAT Plus shipping
20g / Piece
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Product image for 'Pickup PIAGGIOTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Pickup PIAGGIOTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Pickup PIAGGIOTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Pickup PIAGGIOTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Pickup PIAGGIOTitle'
Product image for 'Pickup PIAGGIOTitle'
Product image for 'Pickup PIAGGIOTitle'
Product image for 'Pickup PIAGGIOTitle'


for Vespa 100 2°/​PK50 S/​Lusso/​Rush Elestart/​XL/​XL2/​FL/​HP/​PK80-125S/​PK125/​ETS/​N/​XL/​XL2/​PX80-200 E Lusso/​'98/​'11/​T5/​Cosa

also for PIAGGIO Ape TMP50/​FL/​2-3/​Mix/​Rst
  • economy quality
  • 1 screw for mounting
Grade A - original restoration
19 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
20g / Piece

Product description

An electronic pick-up, as opposed to a points ignition works without contact erosion and are therefore virtually maintenance free. The pick-up is not mechanically attached, but instead, as it is in effect in combination with the permanent magnets located in the flywheel a small generator, produces a small electrical impulse, so controlling the ignition spark timing. This makes this variety of ignition not only very reliable, but also capable of sustained high revolutions of far more than 10000rpm. Most of our pick-ups are original PIAGGIO items.


Conclusion: The pick-up is the most fallible part of your stator plate assembly and therefore should not be missing as part of your backup parts for any long journey on your scoot.


SIP-TIP: Most pick-ups function at an internal resistance of 115ohm. If while checking this is not so, then it needs replacing.


This pickup is very cheaply produced and of very poor quality. It is only a cheap alternative. We advise you to use the pickup with the SIP no .: 18137000.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 196549 - 181370 (PIAGGIO)

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