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for Vespa 125 VNB1-2

  • Volt: 6V AC
  • Ø 72 mm
  • black
  • bar shape
  • fixation: 6 holes
  • for models w/o battery
OEM number(s): 092030 (PIAGGIO) **E7380-3** (Mauro Pascoli)
2 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
136g / Piece
Part no.: 93753500

Product description

We stock horns for all Vespa models in a high and original quality. These differ in colour, shape and type of affixing. In general, all horns with the same diameter are interchangeable which makes the selection particularly large.


While the wide frame models are usually installed with black horns in serial production, we also stock other horns in grey, zinc plated or chrome look. The models have either a bar, cross, star or shell design. The chrome-plated horns from the 1970s with the corresponding shell design are particularly popular in the case of large frame models.


The horn is affixed depending on the design with a clamp, holder, bracket or are screwed down. The number of affixing holes determines the required number of screws. In principle, one still differentiates between horns and buzzers. In the case of a "buzzer" the partition swings and the pitch changes with the rotational speed of the engine. Buzzers are always AC, i.e. designed for alternating current. A "horn" always hoots in a consistent pitch and is designed for DC as direct current.


Conclusion: TÜV relevant (in Germany) and optical finish for every restoration.


SIP TIP: Order the matching packing and affixing screws at the same time. Anyone who really wants to shine at the custom show should also arrange the screw grooves horizontally.


SIP COMMUNITY user "gerdes" (about PART No. 70301000)

"Looks good. Connected and hooted."

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 092030 (PIAGGIO) **E7380-3** (Mauro Pascoli)

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