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Product Image for 'Contrast Spring MALOSSI RacingTitle'
Contrast Spring MALOSSI Racing
for HONDA/​KYMCO/​PEUGEOT/​PGO Lead-SH/​Big Max/​Star 50cc
Product No.: JM297092
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210g / Pair
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Product Image for 'Contrast Spring MALOSSI RacingTitle'

Contrast Spring MALOSSI Racing

for HONDA/​KYMCO/​PEUGEOT/​PGO Lead-SH/​Big Max/​Star 50cc
  • stiffness: reinforced

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Product description

Retrofit variator springs are an important and intelligent purchase when tuning your automatic scooter. Why? Horsepower hefty motors tend to outrun their belts. In order to keep the herd from stampeding, a reinforced vario spring exerts pressure on the rear fan belt half; belt is held tighter - making it harder to slip and slide. Motor tuning without reinforced vario springs is about as successful as snowboarding in Miami. 


SIP-TIP! Because the fan belt is pressed out against the heftier springs on the variator, you‘ll need heavier rolls!

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JM297092 Variator Spring MALOSSI Racing

Variator Spring MALOSSI Racing good


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Filename File type Description File size
3311092P Malossi 3311092P für Feder Multivar Scootamatic 0,05 MB Download
MontageanleitungVariomatik SIP Montageanleitung Variomatik 0,69 MB Download
3311768_100 Malossi 3311768 für Variofeder 0,08 MB Download
Technik_Variomatik Technik Variomatik 4,21 MB Download
Technik_Variomatik_ENG Technik Variomatik_ENG 3,81 MB Download

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