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Cable Kit SIP PERFORMANCE for Lambretta 125 LI/Special/150 LI/Special/SX/175 TV/200 SX/TV
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for Lambretta 125 LI/​Special/​150 LI/​Special/​SX/​175 TV/​200 SX/​TV

for Lambretta DL/​GP 125-200
  • with PE Inliner sleeve
  • grey
  • steel, zinc plated
  • 2xgear, 1xclutch, 1xthrottle, 1xchoke, 1xbrake front, 1xbrake rear
Grade AA - first-class repair
In stock
Delivery time 1-3 workdays
4 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
1,35kg / Piece

Product description

Our SIP PERFOMANCE cable sets revolutionalise scooter cables


Occasionally only a relatively small impulse can have a great effect, which is especially true of the technology involved in tuning vintage Vespas. The fact that control cables play an essential role in their overall function is no big secret. Hardly another form of transport includes such long and awkwardly-routed control cables in its design as a classic Vespa or Lambretta scooter. This can quickly lead to vague feedback from the various connected components and stiff operation. When correctly set up these problems can be minimised, although more modern scooter types remain a lot more user-friendly to the rider. Due to the longer service intervals sometimes involved, extensive research has been carried out in the quest for improved control cables and a number of manufacturers are currently producing types with updated performance characteristics.


SIP decided to take on the challenge by starting from scratch with a completely fresh and modern design. These SIP Performance Control Cables were conceived to be state-of-the-art, introducing a new level of operational control, riding dynamics and handling to any vintage scooter type. To satisfy these high requirements we first carried out extensive research and testing to establish our possibilities within the constraints of current vehicle construction technology. We then adapted the results to the conditions presented by vintage metal-bodied scooters.

  • superlight actuation 
  • perfect low friction operation 
  • specific length of each cable, for each model

The product of this development process, the SIP Performance Control Cables, fulfil all demands made on modern control cables.

  • Especially stable, torsion-free cable-outers.
  • High-end, race-proven quality.
  • Exact lengths for specific scooter models.
  • No further modification or adjustment necessary, plug & play!
  • Gearbox control cables individually marked (1-1,2-2) at both ends
  • Rust-free stainless steel cable inners.
  • Welded cable-inner ends.
  • All outer cables lined with a PE material.
  • 7 x 7 single-strands for the throttle cable-inners, extremely flexible even when sharply bent.
  • 19 single-strands for the clutch, brake and gear control cable-inners for increased durability.
  • Gear control cables are pre-stretched to ensure precise operation with a rounded profile.
  • Clutch and both brake cables are pre-lubricated.

Following the introduction of our all-new cables we were positively surprised at the revolutionary progress achieved over the cable kits currently on the market by others. The SIP Performance Control Cables completely exceed our initial aims and increase the performance of an ageing brake drum system enormously, which in turn increases rider safety immensely. The gears can now be precisely selected every time, with shorter travel required. The clutch becomes much easier to dose exactly while requiring less force at the handlebar lever. The throttle cable can now glide along easily and exactly, especially useful while closing the throttle operation grip. The improved operation of often neglected components by this set of cables provide a minor advantage which has a huge knock-on effect with much improved safety, rider-friendliness and ultimately, the maximum riding enjoyment that can be attained from every vintage geared scooter.


Torsion resistant / PE lining / pre-lengthened/ Welded ends


Conclusion: A simple update that noticeably improves the operation of vintage scooters.


SIP - TIP: Do not forget to order new cable-nipples and adjustment bolts. All cable types, apart from those lined with PTFE, require regular lubrication.


 Andy, ScooterNova magazine UK, 04/2019:

"I am running with the clutch and gear cables and they feel great to use. I also really like the idea of the numbers 1 and 2 on the gear outer cables - a very useful idea!"


Champ, Classic-Scooter, Germany, April 2019:

“These control cables are really good. If you compare them to earlier types, the clutch is miles easier to use. The overall stability of these items is also pleasing, especially when compared to more run-of-the-mill types.”




The cables of the Lambretta GP / DL models also fit for the Lambretta LI / LIS / SX models. They only differ in their color.

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