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Bearing Set engine SIP for Vespa 125 GT 2°/GTR 1°/TS 1°/150 GL 2°/Sprint 2°/V 1°

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Part no.: 90001700
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Bearing Set engine SIP

for Vespa 125 GT 2°/​GTR 1°/​TS 1°/​150 GL 2°/​Sprint 2°/​V 1°

  • clutch/flywheel/drive shaft 2x/auxiliary shaft/needles
Grade A - perfect repair

In stock

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580g / Piece

Product description

Various types of roller bearings are used in the Vespa's engine: Thrust bearings, Tapered roller bearings and needle roller bearings. We refer to them collectively as engine bearings. They all possess minimal friction values and therefore produce little heat, require less lubrication and are virtually maintenance-free. The only thing that can shorten their life-span are contamination, a heavier than average work-load or a lack of adequate lubrication with a suitable oil. The stronger the state of tune or the higher the mileage a motor has achieved, the more frequently the engine bearings require replacement. We recommend engine bearing renewal during every major engine service or 10000 km (6250 mls.)

Most of the engine bearings we have available are original PIAGGIO items and in order to extend the range , we also have most types of bearings available, that we buy directly by the various manufacutrers.


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order new crankshaft oil seals and gasket set when replacing the bearings of your Vespa's engine. For a quicker and more professional job there are also specialist tools available specifically for this purpose.

Those who prefer not to gather together all of the bearings individually can also order a complete bearing set. These include the following: flywheel and clutch side crankshaft bearings, drive shaft bearings, input shaft bearings and pin set. The auxiliary shaft bearings are not included on some wideframes. All bearings are quality bearings, mostly by PIAGGIO and in the latest bearing clearance designs. The largeframes often only differ due to other input shaft bearings or drive shafts. Piston bearings have to be ordered as extras. The range on offer is extensive.

EAN Number: 4260335250587

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