Overview BENELLI

BENELLI, a company founded in 1911 in Pesaro, Italy and not to be confused with the tuning company of the same name, was a strong competitor of Moto Guzzi for many years. Despite success in racing and good sales figures, the company's history, especially in the second half of the 20th century, was marked by numerous changes of ownership. Internal disputes, especially between the six brothers and two sisters of the founding family, led to one of the brothers, Giuseppe Benelli, leaving the company and founding MotoBi. BENELLI continued to boom in the 1960s before being sold in 1971 to Argentine Alejandro de Tomaso, who merged the brand with Moto Guzzi. After several failed attempts to revive the company, Andrea Merloni, heir to a large washing machine manufacturer, took over the brand in 1995. He first developed scooters and then motorbikes, including the three-cylinder Model Tornado. However, due to technical problems and financial difficulties, BENELLI was sold to the Chinese QJ Group in 2005. BENELLI's last scooter was the Model Adiva, which was produced until 2006 and was available in Europe. BENELLI is still present with scooters on the Asian market.

BENELLI model history

During the short scooter production the following series came off the production line: 491, Adiva, K2, G2, Motorella, Namur, Nero, Pepe and Velvet.

BENELLI models at SIP Scootershop

  • 491 GT/ ST 50 ccm 2T AC -'03 MINARELLI

  • RR/ RR Replica 50 cc 2T LC '03- MORINI

  • 491 RR/ RR Replica/ Sport 50 cc 2T LC -'03 MINARELLI

  • 491 ST 50 cc 2T AC '03- MORINI

  • 49X 50 cc 2T AC

  • Adiva 125 cc 4T AC '01-'06 LEADER

  • Adiva 150 cc 4T AC '02-'06 LEADER

  • Adiva AD 250 ccm 4T LC euro 2

  • CAFFèNERO (euro 3) 150 cc 4T LC QJ158MJ

  • G2/G2 L 50 cc 2T AC

  • K2 100 cc 2T AC -

  • K2 50 cc 2T LC

  • Motorella 50 cc 2T AC

  • Naked 50 cc 2T AC -'03 MINARELLI

  • Namur 50 cc 2T AC

  • Nemo 50 cc 2T AC '94-

  • Pepe 50 cc 2T AC -'03 MINARELLI

  • Pepe LX 50 50 cc 2T AC QJE40QMB-4

  • Velvet 125 cc 4T LC -

  • Velvet 150 cc 4T LC -

  • Velvet 250 cc 4T LC '99-

  • Velvet Dusk 400 cc 4T LC

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