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Everything around the chassis - at SIP Scootershop

What good is the most beautiful scooter with the most powerful engine if the chassis does not transfer the power to the road? The scooter should not smear when cornering. The suspension must not sag or bounce and the brakes must grip securely and precisely. If all this is taken care of, even driving over an alpine pass is a lot of fun, especially when many motorcyclists are constantly looking in the rear-view mirror in panic.

SIP Scootershop has the right tyres, rims, shock absorbers, brakes and more for every application. Everyday riders need reliable all-weather tyres, comfortable shock absorbers and durable brakes. Sporty riders love a firmer chassis and brakes that decelerate well. Those who attach importance to safety when it comes to tyres go for tubeless rims. And if you want a sporty look, wide tyres are the first choice.

How do I find the right suspension parts for me?

We recommend narrowing down the range. It is best to enter the category for which you are looking for an item at the top. For example, "Classic Vespa", "Modern Vespa" and so on. You can further refine the display by selecting the appropriate scooter type. In the case of Classic Vespa, for example, this would be "Vespa PX/T5/Cosa". And then you can browse through our range without being overwhelmed by the variety of products.