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SONAX - Vehicle care at SIP Scootershop

SONAX - The traditional company from Neuburg on the Danube has been developing and selling care products for vehicles of all kinds for more than 50 years. From rim cleaner to leather care, SONAX has built up an impressive range over the years, which is now distributed in more than 100 countries around the globe.

  • Best rating from the trade press and customers

  • Extensive programme

  • Made in Germany

  • Long tradition

SONAX: "Brand of the Century

There is hardly an award that SONAX has not yet won in the trade. The care products are regularly chosen as the best in trade magazines such as "auto motor und sport", "Auto Bild" or "Motor Klassik". In 2022, however, SONAX received a very special honour, as the 20th edition of the publication "Brands of the Century" was published by the "Zeit" publishing group. Here SONAX finds itself in the company of 200 renowned brands from various industries - an award of which the company can be justifiably proud.

SONAX: Tradition and innovation

As early as 1903, the great-grandfather of the present owner of the company mined silica, which was used in household polishes. In 1950, the boom of the automobile market began and SONAX brand representatives drove through post-war Germany in fully loaded VW Beetles, seeking personal contact with new customers. From the mid-1960s, SONAX supplied the first car washes and expanded its range of care products to the agricultural industry, forestry and the building trade. For the company from Upper Bavaria, "Made in Germany" is both a promise of quality and a guarantee for the further development of high-quality products.

SONAX at SIP Scootershop

Riders of Vespa, Lambretta and other brands have also relied on SONAX products for many years. In our SIP Perfomance series, we have developed a microfibre cloth together with SONAX that is ideal for removing polishing residues, dirt, petrol and oil stains. A perennial favourite with excellent ratings.

But the other SONAX products are also convincing due to their top quality and wide range of applications. A look at our range is definitely worthwhile. Here are a few examples:

Conclusion: SONAX products have stood for outstanding quality in the care of all kinds of vehicles for decades.