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NEWFREN - everything about brakes and clutches at SIP Scootershop

NEWFREN - The Italian company has been supplying high-quality parts for brakes and clutches for many years. Through a close connection to motorsport, development is always driven forward and kept at a high level, as all new products are put through their paces by test drivers under competition conditions.

  • Italian quality

  • Family business

  • Rooted in racing

  • ISO 9001 certified

NEWFREN - Innovations from Turin

In the late 1950s, the enthusiastic two-wheeler enthusiast Alessandro Barbero founded the NEWFREN company in Turin. His goal was to find a solution for worn brake pads. Barbero was a creative mind, always looking for new ideas to offer his customers the best possible service. This is how he discovered an innovative adhesive that would change brake pad manufacturing forever. This adhesive replaced the traditional rivets to fix the friction material on the brake pads. Barbero installed the first service station in Europe specialising in the bonding of friction materials. This technology was further improved by the use of special machines developed specifically for this area. In addition, the new anti-water friction material for brake pads was also patented.

In the 60s and 70s, motorbikes were equipped with cast brake discs. When the first brake pads came on the market, Alessandro Barbero decided to use metal carriers on the back of the pads in the production of brake pads. After the introduction of NEWFREN's first brake pads, Alessandro and his son Valter became involved in the technology and manufacture of brake discs. The brake discs were first made of cast iron and later of steel.

In the early 21st century, NEWFREN expanded its production and moved the manufacturing facilities from Turin to a nearby industrial estate in Cirie. The company premises cover an area of about 10,000 square metres. In 2015, Valter Barbero modernised all production processes, including the introduction of IT-supported production and optimisation of goods handling.

Creativity, reliability and high quality "Made in Italy" as well as a look to the future are the characteristics that set the historic brand of the Barbero family apart from other brands.

NEWFREN at SIP Scootershop

We love the products of NEWFREN, because for example the brake discs are made of an exclusive, heat-resistant and hardened steel. NEWFREN attaches great importance to quality and minimal manufacturing tolerances to ensure that the discs run evenly and parallel. For optimum braking performance and metering, we recommend combining them with NEWFREN brake pads.

NEWFREN clutches guarantee long life, excellent performance and reliability under all conditions. There is a suitable clutch from NEWFREN for almost all common scooter types. The standard version is already equipped with modified springs that replace the standard springs and thus ensure optimum clutch function. These special springs are an in-house development by NEWFREN and ensure even better performance.

A few examples from the extensive range at SIP Scootershop:

Conclusion: If you love your clutch and brakes, you should treat them to parts from the traditional company NEWFREN.