MITAS - Tyres at SIP Scootershop

MITAS - Keep On Riding! European roots, worldwide reach. The tyres from the Czech Republic are becoming increasingly popular. MITAS builds tyres for short trips or longer journeys. They develop all-rounders for wet and dry roads and are firmly rooted in racing. Motorbike and scooter riders of many disciplines trust MITAS tyres with their very special rubber compounds.

  • High stability and precision

  • Development with virtual 3D technology

  • Many dimensions as white wall version

  • Almost 100 years of experience

MITAS - History

»MITAS has become known mainly for its very sporty racing tyres. The road tyres offer good value for money and the MC35 is a popular semi-slick.«
–Jesco Schmidt, SIP Product Manager and DBM Champion

Originally a subsidiary of Michelin, MITAS was founded in 1933 in Prague-Strašnice, Czech Republic.cms_ The name "MITAS" only became established in 1947, after the first motorbike tyres for the speedway had been produced. The beginning of a very successful career as a supplier in motorsport. Today, MITAS supplies many riders in the disciplines of extreme enduro, motocross, speedway and, of course, scooter racers.

In 2012, the company expanded into the American market. Here, the focus is on tyres for agricultural machinery. After the opening of the plant in Otrokovice, Czech Republic, in 2013, MITAS now produces at six locations in Europe. Crucial to the continuous progress is the company's own central laboratory for research and development. This is where the special rubber compounds and radial tyres are created with which MITAS has made a name for itself.

Through innovative technologies, in-house know-how and high-quality materials, MITAS continuously ensures the availability of first-class products. MITAS conducts active market research and constantly invests in new developments. For customers, this results in high quality and best performance at an attractive price. A wide range of products is complemented by niche products and MITAS is constantly making a name for itself as the original equipment supplier of leading brands. The great experience from motorsport is another plus point.

MITAS has been part of the Swedish Trelleborg Group since 2016. Until then, the focus was mainly on the European market, but today the global distribution network of Trelleborg can be used. The well-known Czech brand Savatech was also merged into the Trelleborg Group and since 2012 the Sava tyres have been marketed under the MITAS name.

»MITAS is proud to cooperate with SIP Scootershop because they have a firm grasp of the needs and trends in the scooter market.«
–Marjeta Dolinšek Kuhar, Mitas Customer Service

The most popular MITAS tyres at SIP Scootershop.

The latest development from MITAS came onto the market in 2018: The "Touring Force-SC" replaced many other models and quickly became a bestseller. With a stable carcass construction and a specially developed tread compound, the tyre has a high rolling comfort with excellent handling at the same time. High stability, precision on the straight and in the curve as well as optimal grip in all weather conditions - thanks to a tread that ends before the tyre sidewall. The virtual 3D technology used in the development ensures optimal water displacement and balanced tyre wear.

Of course, the MC 35 and MC 34 racing tyres and the MC 20 Monsoon for wet slopes are also worth mentioning. They enable strong lean angles and excellent braking and acceleration performance. The winter tyre MC 32 Win Scoot rounds off the manufacturer's range.

Many tyres from MITAS are available in a whitewall version. A fact that contributes significantly to the increasing popularity of the Czech brand. All MITAS motorbike and scooter tyres are manufactured according to strict quality standards.

The most popular MITAS tyres at SIP Scootershop:

  • MC 12 - Multifunctional classic scooter tyre.

  • B14 - Thick tread design, also available as whitewall.

  • Touring Force SC - Stability, precision, optimal grip.

  • MC 35 - Primarily developed for the race track.

  • MC 20 Monsun - The racing tyre for wet conditions.

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