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DMD - Helmets at SIP Scootershop

DMD - Stay Wild! The company from Bergamo manufactures helmets and other accessories in the highest quality and by hand. Above all, DMD 's vintage helmets are very popular in Italy and Europe, and not only among scooter riders. Tradition meets Italian design.

  • The smallest jet and retro helmets with ECE standard

  • Quality and safety

  • Cool design

  • Innovation and tradition

DMD - A trip to California

In 1975, Enduro rider Amilcare took a trip through the USA and especially California. There his decision matured to import motorbike products across the pond and distribute them in Europe. A few years later, together with his children Davide, Michela and Danila, he decided to produce his own helmets for motorcyclists and scooter riders. The company DMD was born, DMD being an acronym for the children's first names.

To this day, DMD is a family business based in Bergamo. When designing their helmets, they were inspired by a very specific era: the mythical 1970s. They succeeded in retaining the style, but transferring it to modern times. Tradition meets cutting-edge safety concepts. The helmets are extensively tested under various conditions and of course have the European ECE 22.05 standard.

In the meantime, DMD's product range has expanded considerably: jackets, shirts, scarves, ski helmets and more are available. But in the end, all products reflect the different personalities of the family and according to their own statement, there is a dash of "madness" in everything. DMD tries to invent cool and stylish accessories and helmets to stay ahead of the competition. With a passion that transcends generations and remains so.

DMD - Small, light, safe and allowed

DMD's range includes the most compact jet and retro helmets with ECE approval! We can therefore confidently speak of the smallest permitted motorbike and scooter helmets. And this without having to make any compromises in terms of safety or quality. As a result, the helmets are light and never seem bulky or unwieldy. Carbon Kevlar or glass fibres are used. This combines the unmistakable vintage style with the most modern homologation standards.

The inner lining can be removed and washed. Should it be damaged, it can easily be reordered. The chin straps have the secure double-D closure. DMD thinks of everything and many a trend may not have been invented in Bergamo, but it has been significantly influenced.

The most popular DMD helmets and accessories at SIP Scootershop.

We and our customers are particularly fond of the vintage helmets from DMD and we have many in our range. Plain, shiny or matt. We also stock DMD goggles, visors and bandanas. We recommend a relaxed search in our DMD range, because there is a lot to discover.

These DMD products found particular favour with our customers: