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CRIMAZ - Passion and quality for the Vespa

CRIMAZ - Cristian Mazelli is a Vespassionist through and through. He has been active in Italian Vespa racing for years. In the process, he was often confronted with the poor quality of some parts that proved to be "not suitable" for him. He now puts these experiences and his professional know-how in development and construction into his own special parts, which he brings to the market through us under his logoCRIMAZ. Beautiful detailed solutions in very good quality.

  • highest quality through own development

  • tested in racing directly on the track

  • Italian passion

It all began with a Vespa 50 Special

Even as a child, Cristian dismantled the engine of a Guzzino in the cellar of his parents' house in 1980. Two years later, he switched to model cars and won several national titles with them over a period of ten years. His motoring life changed radically in 1990 when he came into possession of a Vespa 50 Special, which was well maintained and broken in. Thanks to Vespa clubs and many rides, the scooter became an important part of his leisure time. In 2006, he made his first attempts on the racetrack and his passion for racing was awakened. But it wasn't just the adrenaline on the track that fascinated him, he was able to use his vast experience in mechanical design to prepare his scooters for the track. Eventually, he moved on to designing his own parts and having them manufactured by the best Italian workshops. All CRIMAZ components are original and of the highest quality, having been tested with the most powerful engines on the market.

CRIMAZ and SIP Scootershop

We too discovered Cristian Mazelli's parts one day and were thrilled. His disc brakes, gears or even brake cylinders are simply unique on the Vespa parts market. Soon the components from the engine city of Modena developed into real insider tips in the tuning scene. It is also amazing how regularly new products from CRIMAZ are developed and made ready for the market. In the meantime, we have over 150 products from Cristian in our range and here is a small selection:

Conclusion: With the tuning parts from Cristian Mazelli every Vespa mechanic is on the safe side.