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CASTROL - Lubricants at SIP Scootershop

CASTROL - Charles "Cheers" Wakefield founded this now world-famous company in 1899 under the name "CC Wakefield & Company". At first he supplied lubricants for railways and heavy machinery, but with the beginning of the 20th century he devoted himself increasingly to aircraft and cars. It was necessary to find the right mixture for cold starts and high temperatures. By adding castor oil, the problem could be solved. "Castrol" was born and the name soon became better known than that of the inventor Charles Wakefield. For this reason, the company was renamed "Castrol Ltd." in 1960.

CASTROL is still an important lubricant today, which we use in 2- and 4-stroke engines. We also have many beautiful products in an attractive retro style in our CASTROL CLASSIC series.