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CARBONE - at SIP Scootershop

CARBONE - A term that is well known in the scooter scene. It is immediately associated with shock absorbers "Made in Italy" and a sporty look. CARBONE shock absorbers have been produced in Italy for more than 40 years and impress with their solid quality and excellent price-performance ratio.

  • many decades of experience

  • perfect price-performance ratio

  • available in three versions

CARBONE: History

HITECH-CARBONE SRL, a shock absorber manufacturer based in Milan, Italy, is the continuation of a company that was founded in 1979. Today's production methods are the result of 40 years of accumulated experience; for example, the Italian Vespa and scooter shock absorbers are manufactured using the latest robot welding technology.

Shock absorbers: Made in Italy

HITECH-CARBONE SRL is engaged in the design and manufacture of shock absorbers for motor scooters and Vespa scooters. The Italian company has a machine park with a production and assembly capacity of 100 units: CNC lathes and mills, robotic MIG Mag welders, electrostatic powder coating equipment and work islands for the assembly of various components. To date, the company has manufactured and circulated about 1,700,000 shock absorbers. They are most popular for their use as replacements for worn-out OEM shock absorbers.

CARBONE shock absorber at SIP Scootershop

The most popular shock absorber in our shop is the CARBONE Standard front. It is optically adapted to the original shock absorber and offers an excellent fitting accuracy thanks to its very good workmanship. The CARBONE shock absorbers are also available in three different categories: Standard, Sport and HiTech. The standard shock absorbers serve as replacements for originals and are also inexpensive. The Sport shock absorbers can be adjusted three times by spring preload for ideal suspension tuning and look absolutely sporty thanks to the coloured springs. With the High Tech shock absorbers, the spring preload is even infinitely adjustable. The CNC look also lends a sporty look.

The most popular Carbone products at SIP Scootershop: