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ARROW - Italian exhaust systems

ARROW - The exhaust systems for Modern Vespa come from San Giustino in Italy and have enjoyed recognition in this scene for several years. Thanks to the many successes and accumulated experience in racing, the exhaust systems from ARROW are equipped for all the demands of modern engines.

  • Made in Italy

  • At home in racing

  • Often with ABE road approval

  • Sporty look, powerful sound

ARROW: Founded by Giorgio Giannelli

The young Giorgio Giannelli was an enthusiastic motocross rider, a passion he had developed in the 70s. These circumstances led to the founding of the company ARROW Special Parts in 1985, with which Giorgio Giannelli dedicated himself to the production of exhaust systems for off-road motorbikes. A few years later, the Belgian Jobè won the MX World Championship in the 500cc class with an exhaust from ARROW. The prelude to a long series of successes in motorsport. To this day, there is no area of motorsport in which an ARROW exhaust has not been or is not at the top. The names Puzar, Parker, Schmidt, Schwantz, Moore, Biaggi, Doohan, Criville, Bartolini and Chambon speak for themselves.

In the 90s, the racing laboratory was launched and new product lines were created, including the ARROW series for scooters and maxi scooters. The materials carbon fibre and titanium fundamentally change the quality of the products, 3D CAD modelling influences the development and Giorgio Giannelli's company is well positioned in the 21st century.

ARROW at SIP Scootershop

With the ARROW Urban we have an exhaust system in our range that is ideally suited for Vespa GTS, Sprint, Primavera and other modern Vespas. It convinces with performance, excellent sound and a stylish look. In addition, many of the exhaust systems have approval for road use and can be installed and used directly. Among other things, they owe this to the catalytic converter and the adaptation to the Euro5 standard. The ARROW silencers are equipped with a db-eater as standard.

Conclusion: The ARROW Urban is a high-end exhaust for modern Vespas.