SIP Vespa Aperitivo

The SIP Vespa Aperitivo, organised by our small Italian bar SIPERIA, is always very popular and is also worth travelling to. Preferably by Vespa, of course. We always announce the date on our Instagram page or Facebook page a few days in advance, and the aperitivos always take place on a Thursday, from 5-8 Clock. Just like in many Aperitivo bars in Italy, you get a small snack with your drink. And lots of nice people, most of them scooter nuts or Italy fans. Or both. And of course music.

We look forward to seeing you at the next SIP Vespa Aperitivo at our SIP Scootershop in Landsberg!

Picture gallery SIP Vespa Aperitivo August 2023

Vespa Aperitivo SIP Scootershop 8/2023

Video SIP Vespa Aperitivo