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GO!MATE Genuine MADE IN GERMANY E-Scooters with outstanding design

The GO!MATE team consists of five individualists who came together to address the topic of mobility in the shape of a modern, highly innovative and foldable scooter. Their idea is to make short-distance mobility in big cities more practical and comfortable. The vision of GO!MATE is to overcome distances easily, whether they are in the town, the country or the back of beyond. Sustainable mobility for young and old, which is as easy as possible, is the goal.
GO!MATE is committed to our living space and to the environment in which we ourselves live. Therefore, their products aren’t ""Made in Germany” because they needed an advertising label, but because they start with smart ideas, prefer clever solutions, appreciate precision manufacturing, and aspire to tangible quality in terms of both the design and production. Their e-scooters are “Designed in Swiss” and reflect the level of perfection of Swiss inventive precision.
GO!MATE is committed to environmental awareness, and aspires to offer a solution that reduces its own footprint in terms of energy, supports the benefits of public transport, but also overcomes the inconvenience of short distances with ease.
SIP Rating: Made in Germany with style! Handmade street surfer e-scooters with excellent attention to detail.  

The top 3 reasons for GO!MATE

  • Top Quality Made in Germany and awardwinning Design
  • High quality and lightweight e-scooters with solid components
  • Incomparable Streetsurfer feeling due to large wheels and multi-bonded running board
Go!Mate - der Luxus E-Scooter Made in Germany

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