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Vespa Cement Track Race 2022

Criado por Dietrich Limper às 14:05 em 25 de maio de 2022

The Hoffmann Rennstaffel e. V. put on a very special event this year under the name: "2nd Spectacular Hoffmann-Vespa Cement Track Race at the Diatest Velodrom in Darmstadt". One of the world's largest and most spectacular Vespa tube-racing events for the 1946 to 1957 model years. More than 180 participants were at the start and numerous spectators along the track, including Olli, Lukas and André from SIP Scootershop, who describes his enthusiastic impressions to us.

Olli from SIP Scootershop obviously in a speed frenzy

There are days that you don't forget

This race was held as a regularity race in four heats. Each driver set an average lap time in his first heat; in all subsequent heats he had to try to repeat the same average speed as closely as possible. All four heats were run in groups of about 15 starters and were nine minutes long. By the time all the groups had made their move, the track was busy all day from about 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and lovers of the rumble and sweet smell of two-stroke engines got their money's worth.

Depending on their speed, the riders achieved quite a few laps in their heats on the historic cycle racing track oval. The strain on the circulation due to the high centrifugal forces in the 35° steep bends should not be underestimated!

Apart from one minor incident, which thankfully did not result in any serious damage or injuries, the participants did not exceed their limits. Overall, the atmosphere was sporty, but also very friendly and sociable, so that the SIP team felt welcome from the very first moment. There was more racing with each other than against each other. During the race breaks and, for example, at the gala dinner on Saturday evening, petrol talks were held and friendships were forged.

Just before the start

Closing time on the SIP carpet

SIP was able to present some of the latest products for wide-frame and tubular handlebar Vespas on a small stand, and team member André was even allowed to take to the track with his acceleration racer, which did not quite comply with the regulations, as a highlight of the supporting programme at lunchtime.

But what we from SIP found most beautiful was that after the race and before dinner, a respectable seating circle formed on the carpet of the SIP stand. The sprinter provided cool shade and even the race director himself had his after-race beer there later.

We would like to thank the organisers, who can be really proud of the extremely successful event. From the smooth running of the event to the first-class catering, including a lovingly created dessert, there was really nothing lacking on this warm, beautiful summer day. Hopefully the event will be repeated so that even more interested people and fans can enjoy such a race in a steep-walled oval.

At the award ceremony, Klaus Altenhofer, himself a member of the Hoffmann racing relay team, stood at the top of the podium. But being there was everything in Darmstadt, because the trappings and the people present were also outstanding in the 2022 schedule. Some examples:

  • a dozen of the extremely rare, very first Vespa 98
  • A Vespa 98 racing version, which is said to be preserved only twice in the world
  • Robin Davy, the famous collector from Munich
  • Countless valuable, rare tubular handlebar Vespas, 53u, Allstate, Douglas Rod, Motovespas and Acmas ...
  • Guests from Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria
  • And much more ...

SIP Scootershop would like to thank the organisers for the invitation, and the other participants and guests of this uniquely beautiful and outstanding event.

Bilder Galerie aus Darmstadt

Vespa Fenderlight Zementbahn Darmstadt 2022

Video vom Zementbahn-Rennen

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

Dietrich is content editor at SIP Scootershop. He's also an avid geocacher, poker player and supporter of the not really successful football club Bayer Leverkusen.