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Catalogue SIP BFA Tuning 187

for Vespa Largeframe
English, 92 p.,
l=295mm, w=210mm,
A4, 4 color

Assortment and know-how of the SIP BFA 187-306cc engine for Vespa Largeframes clearly and easily understandable on 92 pages.


The oldest wisdom in the world of engines is that nothing beats cubes, except more cubes! BFA has taken this approach to the max and now builds an engine with a massive capacity of 306cc for Largeframe Vespas. No stone has been left unturned, engine case, cylinder, crankshaft, all has been designed from scratch to meet the demands of such a 306cc high end lump. The result is next level Vespa tuning. Power, torque and width of powerband are more akin to a motocross engine on steroids than to a scooter.

  • Performance over 50 HP possible
  • High durability and reliability due to solid construction 
  • All weak points of the PX engine have been eliminated

The BFA 306 Motor and the individual components of the set are among the most exclusive engine parts available for the traditional geared scooter engines. That does not only refer to the price though. The materials used and the quality of the design and the manufacturing, all of that is a high-water mark of what is possible. And that’s even before you start the engine. The sort of performance these engines are capable of putting down onto the tarmac is something completely unheard-of till now. And all that as a straight replacement for the humble original engine of the Vespa Largeframe scooters.

Some years ago, Ale and Fabio from Parma, Italy, contacted us to let us know that they were working on a 306cc P-Range engine. Back then they did so under the moniker of BSG. Even though we were in the know seeing the first 306cc parts in the flesh simply blew our mind. Here at SIP we certainly are no strangers to state-of-the-art tuning parts. We do get the latest stuff “hot off the press” from the scootering scene pretty much all over the world. Still the 306cc parts were different. We literally crowded around the table for the unboxing of the shipment, with something akin to kids opening Christmas presents. This engine case with this crankshaft and the cylinder kit really is a dream come true. Massive power paired with reliability for the taking. After Jesco built up a BFA engine and raced it at the Tacho Karacho Race 2018 it was immediately obvious: Dreams are now reality. It only took a couple of days to build the engine, plus some 2 to 3 hours for setting it up prior to the first dyno runs. The first result then was a whopping 52 HP with awe inspiring torque, and all that with an engine smooth as silk. “Yeah, other engines do the same”, some may say. Which is true. For a small number of engines, built by a select handful of the best tuners out there, with years and years of experience only few can match. But this here was plug-and-play, with the parts simply fitted as they come out of the box. And we are 100% certain that with this engine as the basis, a touring engine with 40 plus HP is absolutely on the table. With the 25th anniversary SIP custom project we pushed the envelope to the max. The idea was a sprint scooter with the capacity to actually put huge power down in races. With all the gizmos and bits and pieces needed to perform, in a bespoke tailored suit of a show winning custom scooter. Thus “Something Special” was born. With 71.4 HP, at the rear wheel and wins in Aachen at the first DBM run 2019 to proof it’s not just a mollycoddled dyno baby.

In 2018 Ale and Fabio got in touch again. “We’re smallframers at heart”, and with changes in both families and professionally to boot they decided the 306cc project had grown too large for them and that they could no longer handle it on their own. No matter what, we couldn’t bear the thought of this project petering out and the remnants gathering dust on a shelf, as so many other Lambretta or Smallframe projects have done before. As a result SIP took over the 306cc project from BFA and continuous to write the story, now under the label of SIP BFA. The range was furthered and a version of the engine case for 60mm stroke cranks was added, as were versions for “standard” 177cc and Malossi MHR220. On top of that there is an engine case with no transfers, to be used for other cylinders of your own choice. The parts themselves still come from the same small and prestigious Italian precision engineers, manufacturing is small and complicated. Because we commission larger badges our conditions are better, which means better prices for our customers.


Conclusion: The high-end way to implant a wolf into a sheep’s clothing. The 306 is not for your average tuning rooky. But then who or what exactly is “average”? Does the average mind tune a Vespa?


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