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Andechser coffee roastery gentle long-term roasting

Our coffee beans come exclusively from small, private fincas, distributed in all the highlands of the world. Picked by hand, processed and then packed in simple jute sacks, the still green kernels of the coffee cherry reach our green coffee speciality retailer in Hamburg. He checks the quality of each harvest at the place of origin and on arrival in the port of Hamburg.

What is part of the basic knowledge among coffee nerds is still a mystery to many coffee lovers: What is the secret of the perfect roast? Our answer: A VIP ticket in our little roaster! The smallest possible collective of raw coffee beans (max. 5kg) is allowed to roll around in the action-packed roasting cauldron at pleasantly low temperatures (approx. 200° Celsius) for a pleasantly long period of time (approx. 18 min).

After the spectacle in the roaster, our freshly roasted coffee first has to recover for a few days, it rests and matures. But beware! At some point, it's time to stop relaxing and get back to work! Because the crisp-browned, heavenly beguiling bean finally takes a bath. Pure. Uncomplicated. Just like God and the roaster made it. It is still temptingly young and can score with its aroma, its even irresistible charms.

Reiner roasting coffee beans with love

Reiner roasting coffee beans with love

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