Trofei Malossi 2018 1. Race North – Varano, Italy

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On Friday, the SIP Scootershop racing team started with the riders Joe Schack # 33 and Andreas Lukas # 96 for the first race of the 26th Trofei Malossi to Italy. After our pilots had already completed the first leg from Berlin and Nettetal, it went to the next 600km from Landsberg am Lech direction Autodromo Ricardo Paletti - Varano, Italy. 

The SIP Scootershop racing team is represented in 3 classes this year

ScooterMatic 70ccm ZIP 2t                                           Joe Schack #33,

Trofeo Nazionale Scooter Velocita 100ccm ZIP 2t            Andreas Lukas #96

Sprint Matic 185ccm Vespa 4t                                       Andreas Lukas and Joe Schack 

After crossing the Alps and a few hours on the highway, we reached the racetrack in the early morning hours. The short time until sunrise was used for recreation, then organizing the box, registration and testrides. The first laps were frustrating though, the engines well tuned at home did not want to run properly in Italy. So first some setup work and then as many laps as possible until qualifying. 


After Joe had just made the first good laps, the piston decided to enter a firmer relationship with the cylinder. Small cause, big impact, cable break and exposure of the water pump. The QF1 was not much better for Andreas, the 100cc BigBore engine did not want to do as it should. Now the common QF was still in the SprintMatic class. Joe's Vespa went well, but Andreas had to fight with underperformance. 

Conclusion QF1: Lunch break saved, fixing engine instead of food. 

With a new cylinder Joe went in QF2, the new cylinder did well, but it was still lacking power on the straights. Better results for Andreas, 1 second faster in QF2. 

QF2 in the Vespa Sprint Matic class was sort of mixed, Joe was able to ride in the front, but did not do the best lap, Andreas had to continue to fight with the engine power, so a starting position with optimal views of the other riders - far back. 

Conclusion QF2: No optimal results, so again we had to play around with the engines to be optimally prepared for the race day. 

Results Qualifying:

Joe ZIP 70ccm position 6 and Vespa position 5

Andreas ZIP 100cc position 6 and Vespa position 10 

At 10pm, after almost 40 hours with only a short rest in the van, we finally went to the hotel ... 

Sunday Raceday

1st race 70cc Joe Schack: not an optimal start and on position 8 in the first corner, now it was time to work on it. On the brakes Joe could always make a few meters, but there was still a lack of power to keep up on the straights. It was a thrilling duel with Christian Galbiati # 21, that Joe could win in the last turn for himself.

Rank 4

1st race Andreas Lukas: got away well from the start and it was a thrilling duel for fifth place that Andreas could ultimately decide for hilself. However, this did cost a lot of time, so the leadership group could already win lots of time. 

5th place in the 1st race

Conclusion passage 1: 

Engine tuning at lunch time to get rid of all deficits from the first race. This time not only on our own but also in the neighboring box at Malossi, as both Joe and Andreas threw away the Vespa, which is provided by Malossi, in the first run. 

2nd race 70cc Joe Schack: good start, kept position and headed away with the lead group. The ZIP was much better this time and Joe started to work slowly. In lap 4, he was for the first time in leading position, now it was to hold place 1. In the meantime, however, Joe dropped back 2 places, but at the end of the straights he overtake both riders again and maintained his lead until the end of the race. 

1st win for our driver Joe Schack # 96!

2nd race 100cc Andreas Lukas: got off well at the start and it was a thrilling duel for fifth position that Andreas could finally decide for himself. However, the tires had already been dismantled to such an extent that it was no longer possible to have really good speed. 

5th place in the 1st race 

2nd race Vespa Sprint Matic: This time much better start for Joe, constant change of position in the leading group. Things were not going well for Andreas again, but he liked riding wheelis on the Vespa Sprint, which earned him more applause than the day winner at the end of the race. 

Joe Schack 4th place in the 2nd race 

Andrea Lukas place 9 in the 2nd race 

Conclusion: a first successful race weekend for the SIP Scootershop racing team in Italy. Twice the podium and one day's victory! We are looking forward to the next races! 


ScooterMatic 70cc ZIP 2t Joe Schack #33      - 43 points championship position 1

TNSV 100cc ZIP 2t Andreas Lukas #96          - 32 points championship position  5

Sprint Matic 185cc Vespa 4t Joe Schack         - 36 points championship position  3

Sprint Matic 185cc Vespa 4t Andreas Lukas    - 24 points championship position  9 

All races Trofei Malossi 2018: 

08.04. Varano

13.05. Binetto

10.06. Nuvolari

15.07. Modena

16.09. Magione

14.10. Vallelunga  

All pictures of the weekend can be found here on flickr

Video of the testrace in Melilli in march: whoever is interested in the Trofei Malossi should subscribe to MALOSSI OFFICIAL channel on Youtube: 

Race 1 Vespa Sprint Matic: Now the two pilots started together in the first race of the Vespa Sprint Matic. Not an ideal start for Joe, but he was able to close the gap in the opening laps. Just arrived in the lead group, he crashed in turn 4. He was able to continue fast. Now it was time to roll up the field from the very back.

With Andreas Lief it was not so good, somehow the Vespa did not really want to perform well.

 Joe 4th place in the 1st race

Andreas place 9 in the 1st race

Ralf Jodl
Ralf Jodl

Ralf is managing director and co-founder of SIP Scootershop. He has been riding Vespa since 1990 and even today the working day starts best for him when he rides to the SIP headquarters in Landsberg on his Rally 200. Otherwise he owns a 180 SS, a 160 GS and a VM2 fenderlight Vespa.