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SIP Team goes Sardegna - Vespa Roadtrip 2012

Stworzony przez Ralf o 11:07 w dniu 23 lipca 2012

Sardegna, how beautiful it is there. Miles of sandy beaches, crystal water, winding country roads that lead along the bosom of the island, headlands that seem to tickle the Ligurian Sea, and the sun is continuously shining. With these lush images in mind, the 11 glorious SIP disciples set out towards their first milestone: Milan. On their Vespas they crossed the Swiss passes Flüela, Albula and Maloja - through rain, wind and snow - to pick up their Austrian friend and companion Zini.

Warmly welcomed by the local Vespa Club Milano at the Piazza Castello, they enjoyed the atmosphere of the southern metropolis with an aperitivo, homemade pasta salad and conversation in broken English. A big thank you to the club for accommodation, entertainment and food. Santa might come early this year and drop a 'VorFreude' package for you.

Genoa is the next target on the map and except for a mysteriously vanished selector box gasket and a blocked gas cable the journey runs enjoyably smoothly. The boat is swaying heavily and the night on deck of the ferry to Olbia is accordingly unpleasant. Arriving on the island the next morning, the guys are heading right to the nearest beach to make up for the deficit with ass bombs, cold drinks and lying on the beach. Spantaneously and at a bargain price, they find a beautiful 3 star hotel overlooking the sea in Posada (Nuoro) and decide to spend the night there.

"Zini Zini, Arbatax, Zini Zini, we're departing!" Armed with this hymn, the SIP team continues to Arbatax, where they are welcomed by the 3rd president of the Vespa Club Arbatax, who shows them their lovely accomodiation and accompanies them to a fish restaurant close to the harbor. Except for sawdust they also had delicious pizza and tuna there. The guys spent two days in this picturesque area, lying on the beach and riding through the hilly countryside. Grazie Marco.

On the way back to Olbia, they encounter numerous wildfires and several highways were blocked for safety reasons. This shows once again how dangerous these endless days of sunshine can be, burning not only careless German skin, but also the surrounding area. Genoa, however, remaines unharmed and the guys strike out for home. Some of them directly, some with a small pit-stop in Vicenza. Grazie a Cao and Nicola!

In retrospect: a dream! Except for two clutches, a selector box gasket and a bottle of gearbox oil no spare parts were needed. The breakdown breaks were tolerably short and the SIP band was tightened by another weld. Anyone who believed that it was not possible to ride 2000km on the old scooters during a long weekend, was once again disabused... for the Vespa is rolling and will roll again next year. "Zini Zini, we're departing!"

Christian (SIP-Scootershop)



For the rest of the pictures go here: Click click!

SIP Vespa Roadtrip Sardinien 2012

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Ralf is managing director and co-founder of SIP Scootershop. He has been riding Vespa since 1990 and even today the working day starts best for him when he rides to the SIP headquarters in Landsberg on his Rally 200. Otherwise he owns a 180 SS, a 160 GS and a VM2 fenderlight Vespa.