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Modern Vespa-Blog

Vespa GTS SIP Series Pordoi Edition

Stworzony przez o 14:05 w dniu 16 maja 2022

Together with our friends from sQooter.com in Austria, we have converted a GTS that has become a real eye-catcher. We present the "GTS SIP Series Pordoi Edition". A Modern Vespa like no other! Czytaj więcej

Justin Bieber x Vespa

Stworzony przez o 12:04 w dniu 26 kwietnia 2022

The Canadian pop star and the Italian cult manufacturer Piaggio have joined forces and realized a joint project. The result is a Vespa Sprint 50 and 125, respectively, designed and created by Justin B… Czytaj więcej

Custom: Vespa Sprint 125 ccm

Stworzony przez o 15:04 w dniu 13 kwietnia 2022

Take a conventional Vespa Sprint 125 cc, painted in matte black, "off the shelf", i.e. directly from the dealer, and drive it to SIP Scootershop. Our man for modern Vespas, Stephan Hufschmid, will the… Czytaj więcej

The value of the Vespa brand

Stworzony przez o 16:02 w dniu 11 lutego 2022

The parent company PIAGGIO wanted to know exactly for the 75th anniversary in 2021 and had the value of the Vespa brand determined by the renowned company Interbrand. The result: 906 million euros. Czytaj więcej

Vespa GTV Custom Project NASCAR

Stworzony przez o 12:12 w dniu 10 grudnia 2021

Our friends at Butcher Garage in St. Petersburg have once again come up with a custom project that looks fantastic. This time they've taken a Vespa GTV and designed it as a tribute to NASCAR champion … Czytaj więcej

Scooter Zen from Japan

Stworzony przez o 14:12 w dniu 8 grudnia 2021

Japanese director and filmmaker Hiroshi Kondo took to the streets of Taiwan and captured a swarm of scooter riders. His short film is a meditation on "scooter riding." The individual dissolves into th… Czytaj więcej

Modern Vespa model lore

Stworzony przez o 11:09 w dniu 21 września 2021

Part 4: In our three previous blog posts on Vespa models, we explained how the idea for the Vespa came about and what makes the Vespa models Wideframe, Largeframe and Smallframe. In the fourth and las… Czytaj więcej

They are here! The SERIES PORDOI rims for Vespa GTS!

Stworzony przez o 11:07 w dniu 27 lipca 2021

The SIP SERIES PORDOI rims made their first appearance at the release of our 2019 Custom Vespa GTS of the same name. Now they have finally arrived and are available to you! So get your rims on ... Av… Czytaj więcej

SIP Newsflash 2021 for MODERN VESPA

Stworzony przez o 16:04 w dniu 8 kwietnia 2021

With our new SIP Newsflash for MODERN VESPA 2021 we present you the latest products for all Modern Vespas in a compact overview. Czytaj więcej

Vespa Primavera Picknick Edition

Stworzony przez o 10:03 w dniu 29 marca 2021

As inspiration for your own scooter, we present the conversion of our Vespa Primavera 125cc to the Picnic Edition. With a few simple steps, many useful accessories on the vehicle can be easily changed… Czytaj więcej

Vespa turns 75 - 1946 to 2021

Stworzony przez o 10:03 w dniu 15 marca 2021

75 years ago, on 23 April 1946, the Vespa was registered for patent. A true success story began, a design icon was born. And one of the first globalisation products of the modern age. The Vespa has ch… Czytaj więcej

Aluminium Rims SERIES PORDOI 12 and 13 inch for Vespa GTS

Stworzony przez o 10:02 w dniu 24 lutego 2021

The SIP SERIES PORDOI rims made their first appearance at the release of our 2019 Custom GTS of the same name. The good response and positive feedback gave us the reason to finally bring the unique ri… Czytaj więcej

The Desert Vespa

Stworzony przez o 17:02 w dniu 13 lutego 2020

What do you do when you’ve got almost 16kms to cover between the starting line and the campsite when you’re on the salts flats? You make the meanest Vespa around, that’s what. Czytaj więcej

Vespa Roadtrip Sudamérica: The Way is The Message

Stworzony przez o 16:02 w dniu 13 lutego 2020

“John Silva Photo Traveler” is a “traveling” project, which pursues the dream of exploring the world and getting to know its people, discover how they live, their cultural landscape and their … Czytaj więcej

Custom Vespa GTS "SIP SERIES PORDOI" by SIP Scootershop

Stworzony przez o 17:01 w dniu 31 stycznia 2020

Our SIP SERIES PORDOI Custom Vespa is everything but standard. From front to back the Modern Vespa is decked out with new developments and handmade parts. From the handmade carbon-fibre mudguard to t… Czytaj więcej

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