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The perfect Vespa touring engine

Gemaakt door om 17:12 op 20 december 2021

Which touring engine is perfect for a Vespa? This is a question we at SIP Scootershop get asked again and again. Timo from the "Blechgefährten" has also been on the topic for a very long time, as he … Meer lezen

Wintercheck for your Vespa & Scooter

Gemaakt door om 12:12 op 2 december 2021

We’ve put together a few well-proven and simple tips here on how to prepare your Vespa or motor scooter in general for winter. Your little darling will thank you with a joyful start next spring! Meer lezen

Vespa Suspension - how to set up

Gemaakt door om 16:03 op 8 maart 2021

The vast majority of mechanics and tuners are aware of the importance of the suspension for the safety and enjoyment of riding scooters. An ideal suspension shortens the braking distance, increases th… Meer lezen

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