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Kalkar 'Scooterist Meltdown' 2019

Gemaakt door Jesco om 12:02 op 21 februari 2019

In the depths of Winter the 'Scooterist Meltdown' can be relied upon to bring a little sparkle and shine into the life of Scooterists. The scene is invited to meet with a picturesque backdrop of a ruined old nuclear power station on the Dutch - German border. A welcome change of scenery, not only – but especially for the well-represented British scootering community.

Starting with the welcoming committee consisting of Siegfried and Roy, over a wealth of British bumper car styled custom scooters, through to a smallframe from Hamburg decorated with high-tech luminous paintwork, the event in Kalkar ensures a touch of glamour to an otherwise grey February.

The weekend has a promise of a kind of complete comfort package for all attending. The majority chose the 'all-inclusive' option – including a hotel room, food and as much to drink as you like, or can take! This guaranteed that at all times and everywhere on the site, every-bodies tastes were satisfactorily catered for.

Alongside their physical well-being, the spirit of all scooterists present was also adequately cosseted. Starting with the Nighters supplying the finest soul music, to meeting places at five separate bars playing assorted types of music, the evening entertainment never boring but always true to the style of the event.

During the daytime there were plenty of traders stalls with scooter parts, outfits, classic vinyl music selections and books, through to whole scooters on offer. All this combined with the most spectacular custom scooter show that can be found in mainland Europe. The first chance for all those customisers that were busy creating projects over the Winter to display the fruits of their labours. No matter the distance, there were custom scooters on display from here in Germany, the British Isles and even a few from as far as Austria and Italy managed the trip. A prize awarded at the 'Scooterist Meltdown' seems to be considered as the equivalent of a knighthood on the hotly contested scooter customising scene.

Another welcome diversion takes place in the form of the 'Major Power Award'. Each year several of the best tuners of Vespa wideframe, Vespa smallframe, Vespa largeframe and Lambretta scooters manage to be enticed to Kalkar to strut their stuff. 

The 'Scooterist Meltdown' is a highlight of the season and shortens the scooterists Winter deprivation considerably. Personally, I was left with the impression that our custom scene is currently enjoying a kind of renaissance, perhaps due to the existence of this sort of occasion. The idea of this Winter meeting remains a stroke of genius, that I hope will continue to brighten up dull February weekends for many years to come!


Jesco is a technician and product developer at SIP Scootershop. Many people know him from videos on the SIP TV Tutorial Channel, where Jesco explains complicated stuff in a simple way.