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Copenhagen Scooter Club Vespa & Lambretta Tour 2018

Gemaakt door Jenni om 12:01 op 9 januari 2019

A friendship has been connecting us to the Copenhagen Scooter Club for more than 15 years. At that time a few members of their team stranded in front of our shop on the way back from the Eurovespa in Viterbo near Rome and repaired the Vespas in our yard. They stayed in our Scooterists Community House and one of the two stayed in Landsberg almost the whole summer and returned countless times on his Vespa and rode many SIP tours with us later. That the guys from the CSC are still active and like to ride they proofed with their Ride to the Gardalake, Italy - together with friends of the Lambrettaclub Malmø. 

"7 guys on 7 scooters from Copenhagen scooter club and lambretta club Malmø, cruising arround Lake Garda, Italy. With only one thing on our minds, cruise, drink coffee, eat pasta and cruise some more, climb all the mountains and make a cool movie for you and for us. This was deffenetly not the last time. So much fun and so much quality scooter time. As we say here in Denmark, ild i piben (fire in the exhaust)🔥😂“ 

Of course we do not want to deprive you of this great video that the guys have sent us - as a guest post here on our SIP TV channel!


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