Vespa Cement Track Race 2022

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 14:05 op 25 mei 2022

André, Olli and Lukas from SIP Scootershop were at a very special event on 20 and 21 May: "2nd Spectacular Hoffmann-Vespa Cement Track Race at the Diatest Velodrom in Darmstadt". You can read and see… Meer lezen

World record: 27 stunts on two Vespas

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 14:05 op 12 mei 2022

It was just a few weeks ago when we reported on Vespa stunt rider Günter Schachermayr from Austria. With full body effort, he pulled a Cessna aircraft across a tarmac in his native Austria. Last week… Meer lezen

Ilario Lavarra: On the Vespa since 2017

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 17:05 op 4 mei 2022

In this blog we introduce you to a man who has been on the road on his Vespa since 2017 and who is breaking records. Ilario Lavarra travels the world and had a very detailed conversation with us about… Meer lezen

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Best Workspaces 2022: Award for SIP Scootershop

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 11:04 op 7 april 2022

Back in October last year, we reported that the SIP Scootershop headquarters had been nominated for the Best Workspaces Award 2022. Now the international jury has decided and our building, which was d… Meer lezen

SIP Scootershop Team Training 2022

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 10:03 op 30 maart 2022

Under the motto "Fit for the season - how do I deal with complaints?" the SIP sales team completed an internal training on 23 Feb. 2022. Complaints are not nice for anyone, but they are part of the ev… Meer lezen

SIP Scootershop Vespa & Lambretta Joyride 9th July 2022

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 15:02 op 17 februari 2022

Dieses Jahr findet wieder unser Vespa & Lambretta Joyride in Landsberg am Lech statt! Treffpunkt bei SIP Scootershop ab 10:00 Uhr, Capuccino & Croissant in der Siperia Meer lezen

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Vespa GTS SIP Series Pordoi Edition

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 14:05 op 16 mei 2022

Together with our friends from in Austria, we have converted a GTS that has become a real eye-catcher. We present the "GTS SIP Series Pordoi Edition". A Modern Vespa like no other! Meer lezen

Justin Bieber x Vespa

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 12:04 op 26 april 2022

The Canadian pop star and the Italian cult manufacturer Piaggio have joined forces and realized a joint project. The result is a Vespa Sprint 50 and 125, respectively, designed and created by Justin B… Meer lezen

Custom: Vespa Sprint 125 ccm

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 15:04 op 13 april 2022

Take a conventional Vespa Sprint 125 cc, painted in matte black, "off the shelf", i.e. directly from the dealer, and drive it to SIP Scootershop. Our man for modern Vespas, Stephan Hufschmid, will the… Meer lezen

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The perfect Vespa touring engine

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 17:12 op 20 december 2021

Which touring engine is perfect for a Vespa? This is a question we at SIP Scootershop get asked again and again. Timo from the "Blechgefährten" has also been on the topic for a very long time, as he … Meer lezen

Wintercheck for your Vespa & Scooter

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 12:12 op 2 december 2021

We’ve put together a few well-proven and simple tips here on how to prepare your Vespa or motor scooter in general for winter. Your little darling will thank you with a joyful start next spring! Meer lezen

Vespa Suspension - how to set up

Gemaakt door iucon Team I om 16:03 op 8 maart 2021

The vast majority of mechanics and tuners are aware of the importance of the suspension for the safety and enjoyment of riding scooters. An ideal suspension shortens the braking distance, increases th… Meer lezen

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