Police: With the E-Scooter on Norderney

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The Osnabrück Police Department had a premiere to report on March 30, 2022: On the North Sea island of Norderney, police officers are now also on the move on two e-scooters. A decidedly environmentally friendly addition to the vehicle fleet. In a one-year test, the two innovative and modern vehicles will be used on the approximately 27 square kilometer island. They will use an inductive charging option developed jointly with the company INTIS.

E-scooter: wireless and without plug

Attention crooks! From now on, the police officers on Norderney are on the move silently. The 20 km/h nimble Metz Moover e-scooters weigh around 16 kilograms and have a range of around 20 kilometers. The vehicles are not charged at the socket, but by parking them on a floor plate, after which the charging process starts automatically. This saves material as well as time and effort.

Michael Maßmann, President of the Osnabrück Police Department, said: "We are a modern citizen police force and want to be accessible to people at all times. This must also be taken into account when designing the vehicle fleet. And that is exactly what we are doing. This project proves once again that the police are open to innovation, while at the same time making all their mobility increasingly sustainable and climate-friendly. We are the first nationwide to already put inductive charging into practice in the police force. That's something to be proud of. Our vehicle fleet in the Osnabrück Police Department is becoming increasingly green, combining innovation, ecology and practicality."

They glide elegantly along: the policewomen with the e-scooters on Norderney.

For five years now, the Osnabrück Police Department has been going its own way with its vehicle fleet: it is focusing on environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility. From the Teuteburg Forest to the East Frisian Islands, many other vehicles with hybrid and electric drives are already on the road in addition to the two new e-scooters. 57 electric cars, one hydrogen patrol car, 45 pedelecs, three S-pedelecs with blue lights and sirens, and three electric motorcycles. An all-terrain e-motorcycle is on the road on Borkum. Another highlight is the e-quad, which has been in use on the island of Juist for a good two years.

Police Chief Ingo Brickwedde, head of the police department responsible for Norderney, explains: "The islands always have their own special challenges. This also applies to the choice of emergency vehicles. It is therefore right and proper that we go our own way and also try out innovative means of operation on the islands. The tourists think it's great that we, the police, are already so sustainable and climate-friendly on the islands. We have a role model function there as well."

E-Scooter Metz Moover at SIP Scootershop

With all the trimmings, the cost of a police e-scooter is around 2,200 euros. On Norderney, they are intended to fit into the overall image of the island and be an adequate addition to the existing police pedelecs. The vehicles from German manufacturer Metz are available from SIP Scootershop at considerably lower prices, however. Chip.de raved in May 2021: "You can definitely consider the Metz Moover a luxury scooter, as the scooter offers a sturdy, galvanized frame, comes with two strong disc brakes, a non-slip wooden tread, built-in LED lights, pneumatic tires and even has a small luggage rack."

So if you want to experience how the law enforcement officers on Norderney are on the road, you are welcome to order a Metz Moover at our online store. The only thing we can't serve you with is a breakneck manhunt.

Photos: Osnabrück Police

Norderney police: now on the road with e-scooters.
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