New e-bike Tuning Modules for Haibikes with FYLON motor

Gemaakt door Dietrich Limper om 15:10 op 13 oktober 2021

The manufacturer SpeedBox has finally done it and also brought tuning modules for the e-bikes from Haibike with FLYON drive on the market. This is one of the most powerful engines ever, the TQ HPR120S. The drive was designed specifically for e-mountain bikes and turns up to 120 Nm. So nothing stands in the way of the "flight" over the slopes and trails.

Two variants are available from SpeedBox: The Tuning Module 3.0 for FLYON displays real values, is invisibly installed on the engine and can be conveniently controlled via the display. With the Tuning Module B.Tuning 3.0 for FLYON there is also the popular connection to the Speedbox app, with the following great and unique features:   

  • Tuning control  
  • Speed limit setting
  • Save and display driving data
  • Hide tuning
  • Engine lock
  • Engine diagnostics

You can even install the app if you haven't received the tuning module yet. In the demo version, you can try out all the functions and familiarize yourself with the app. The SpeedBox app is available for iOS and Android.

As always, installation and de-installation are very easy with SpeedBox, and we also provide detailed instructions for download.

We think this is good news for e-bikers who want to tune their bike a little bit. We hope you have fun!

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

Dietrich is content editor at SIP Scootershop. He's also an avid geocacher, poker player and supporter of the not really successful football club Bayer Leverkusen.