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Shock Absorber YSS Mono X-Pro

Series rear for Vespa ET2/ET4
/LX/LXV/S 50ccm, for Vespa
ET4 125/150ccm (alt) body:
black, spring: black,
l 300 mm, with ABE,
spring pre-load: adjustable

The Thai manufacturers YSS have been producing high quality replacement and sporting upgrade shock absorber systems since 1983. Due to their German MOT certification and approval for use with almost all modern Vespa models, they are not only 100% road-legal but can be considered as a valid alternative to the (also road-legal) BITUBO units.


Mono X-Pro series oil-pressured shock absorbers represent an economically priced upgrade from the original items. These specially developed units possess a 'double-action' damping system and the pre-load on the spring can also be adjusted with either a continuously adjustable or pre-set levels, according to model. The progressive damping, combined with a solidly proportioned damping piston rod, guarantees a safer riding experience and better handling, whatever the load or road conditions.


Mono/Twin Pro E-series gas-pressured shock absorbers. Top quality meets top performance. The 'E-series' gas-pressured Emulsion shock absorbers are damped with a combination of nitrogen gas and a hydraulic oil which results in solid reactions and a high durability. The finest components, such as the sintered seal solid gasket and the 12mm hard-chromed damping piston rod are also included. The spring pre-load is continuously adjustable and the main body of the damping reservoir is constructed using a high quality, anodised aluminium alloy. The diameter of the damping piston is 30mm, its supporting rod 12mm.


J-series gas-pressured shock absorbers with an encapsulated aluminium damping reservoir body and progressive damping characteristics. The main body of this unit is produced using a high quality, anodised aluminium alloy.


The DTG – Series Double Tube Gas (DTG) shock absorbers, filled with both nitrogen gas and oil. These elements, combined with a progressively-wound spring and the two chamber gas-hybrid system from the DTG series deliver an improved feedback along with a noticeably improved suspension, especially when compared to the original solution.



SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order new damping rubbers, fixing nuts and bolts when replacing your shock absorber units.


SIP-Community user 'craftsman' on (#YSS6052852) :

"Cool piece of kit, especially when travelling two-up!"


The J-range is a gas pressuer suspension unit without any springs. They are absolute eye catchers on customised frames. And a genuine alternative in terms of price and performance to the FOURNALES shock absorbers.


The lowerd SERIE PRO version is shortened and fits perfectly for the conversion of the PK steering column in the V50/PV/ET3 frame. If it is not shortened then the V50 with the PK fork gets a chopper look.


Conclusion: Anyone who weighs more than 60kg or often takes a passenger knows to value stiffer shock absorbers. Curves are great to negotiate, potholes no longer mean panic attacks and high speeds are easy to master.


SIP TIP: Order new silent rubber an spacer nuts at the same time.


SIP Community User 'kale_knusper' about part no 65023000:  "Highly durable - I´ve now been driving with these shocks for 4 years. They are unbeatable at this price!"

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Shock Absorber, Forks & Steering Column

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1,500g / piece
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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA ET2 50 ZAPC16000 2T AC `96-
VESPA ET2 Cat (euro 2) 50 ZAPC38100 2T AC `00- with TÜV-approval
VESPA ET2 i.e. 50 ZAPC12000 2T AC
VESPA ET4 alt 125 ZAPM04 4T AC `96-`99
VESPA ET4 alt 150 ZAPM04 4T AC ´96-´99
VESPA LX 50 ZAPC38101 2T AC `05- with TÜV-approval
VESPA LX 50 ZAPC38300 4T AC `06-`09 with TÜV-approval
VESPA LX 4V 50 ZAPC38700 4T AC `09- with TÜV-approval
VESPA LXV 50 ZAPC38102 2T AC `06-`09 with TÜV-approval
VESPA S 50 ZAPC38103 2T AC `07 with TÜV-approval
VESPA S 2V 50 ZAPC38901 4T AC `10- with TÜV-approval
VESPA S 4V 50 ZAPC38600 4T AC `08- with TÜV-approval

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